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Posted by Bradley Stoll on Apr 10, 2020
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I listened to a live Q&A on YouTube, hosted by Timber Hawkeye last Sunday. In it, Timber offered his take on Hope vs Faith. I haven't thought much about Hope, and what it means when I say, "I hope ___________." Timber reminded me how that statement is rooted in ego, self-centeredness. While Faith is rooted in the Universe; the Divine; for some, God. Or, whatever you might call "it." I have Faith that whatever is supposed to happen, will happen; whatever does happen, is what's best for the Universe. The line that Timber reflected on is from Fight Club; Losing all hope is (was?) freedom.

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  • Patrick Ly wrote ...

    Hi Bradley
    I'm so glad to meet another person who listens to Timber Hawkeye's podcast too :-D