Family Kindness During Lockdown :)
--Rohit Rajgarhia
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Apr 1, 2020


It was a joy to join yesterday's "What Would Love Do?" conversation -- and to see so many faces on 1 screen, who are trying to seed compassion within and outside!

Here in India, I am meditating on how we can harness the unique opportunities of the lockdown. Kindness at home of course comes up as one area.

I just took 10 minutes (and took help from smile decks :)) and listed 14 kindness ideas to do for family, during lockdown.

I myself feel I may not have courage to do some of these inside my home. :-D But if few more people are feeling the same, may be we can all transcend our fears together. This may be relevant in India as well, so I am thinking of making a Hindi version of it as well.

Below is the full list. If anyone has thoughts or suggestions, I very much welcome your ideas!

14-day Lockdown Family Kindness Challenge
(Can be signed up by one or more individuals in a family)

1. Clean the house or part of the house
2. Help a family member with a chore without being asked
3. Express your gratitude to a family member
4. Dance/sing for someone else
5. Write positive notes about your family and leave them around the house
6. Share couple of inspirational stories from today’s/recent news
7. Do the dishes…without being asked
8. Interview a family member as if you are meeting him for the first time, and try to know him deeply
9. Take 10 minutes to write a song, poem or a note for a loved one
10. Do not criticize or blame or complain for 1 full day
11. Give a head massage/neck and shoulders massage/foot massage to a family member
12. Say sorry/make a sorry note for any family member you were angry/frustrated with a little bit
13. Meditate for 1 hour. If you are already comfortable with meditation then invite another family member to also try it out with you.
14. Embark on a journey of forgiveness for any small/big hurt you may be holding inside towards a family member, by forming an intention to forgive


Posted by Rohit Rajgarhia on Apr 1, 2020

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