Family Kindness During Lockdown :)

Posted by Rohit Rajgarhia on Apr 1, 2020
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It was a joy to join yesterday's "What Would Love Do?" conversation -- and to see so many faces on 1 screen, who are trying to seed compassion within and outside!

Here in India, I am meditating on how we can harness the unique opportunities of the lockdown. Kindness at home of course comes up as one area.

I just took 10 minutes (and took help from smile decks :)) and listed 14 kindness ideas to do for family, during lockdown.

I myself feel I may not have courage to do some of these inside my home. :-D But if few more people are feeling the same, may be we can all transcend our fears together. This may be relevant in India as well, so I am thinking of making a Hindi version of it as well.

Below is the full list. If anyone has thoughts or suggestions, I very much welcome your ideas!

14-day Lockdown Family Kindness Challenge
(Can be signed up by one or more individuals in a family)

1. Clean the house or part of the house
2. Help a family member with a chore without being asked
3. Express your gratitude to a family member
4. Dance/sing for someone else
5. Write positive notes about your family and leave them around the house
6. Share couple of inspirational stories from today’s/recent news
7. Do the dishes…without being asked
8. Interview a family member as if you are meeting him for the first time, and try to know him deeply
9. Take 10 minutes to write a song, poem or a note for a loved one
10. Do not criticize or blame or complain for 1 full day
11. Give a head massage/neck and shoulders massage/foot massage to a family member
12. Say sorry/make a sorry note for any family member you were angry/frustrated with a little bit
13. Meditate for 1 hour. If you are already comfortable with meditation then invite another family member to also try it out with you.
14. Embark on a journey of forgiveness for any small/big hurt you may be holding inside towards a family member, by forming an intention to forgive

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Comments (5)

  • Maria Bras wrote ...

    These are great ideas! Me and my husband have been supporting each other when we have peaks with crisis. We hold the space for the other, hug each other, we listen to music and dance! And we pet our cats a lot :) For others outside, we are also using technology to reaching out. We've made a list with all family and friends and are having daily phone call with x people from the list. We have also offered meditation to whoever is interested. We now have +200 people in our meditation WhatsApp groups and are also offering individual sittings as a gift for a more balanced world. From the gift ecology fund of our retreat, we also put all budget available at the service of people that is part of the community so they can use if they will be in hard financial situation in the next weeks or months. Finally, we also have joined the GAIA journey from the Presencing Institute ( with others in the country to understand what is here now and what is wanting to emerge for us and for the collective. Above all, we are very hopeful with the future. Love will always win!

  • Ashima Goyal wrote ...

    awesome idea Rohit! :-) Love it! Good Luck! I am already doing bulk of them but few are pretty difficult in our home too! :o will try to push my boundaries towards them! Thank you for inspiring :)

  • wrote ...

    Superb idea rohit.. I m infact myself doing somerhing or the other staying wid evryone at the house during dis lockdown..but then u have inspired me for many new things....I take dis lockdown as a chance we have got to spend quality time with our family.. ( n praying for a better world n more healed people ) i will defintly pick up these ideas n do for mum dad n my lil siblings 😇 thankyou for sharing.

  • Brinda Govindan wrote ...

    Kindness in our homes with family is where it all begins! Thank you for this beautiful reminder of ideas we can all do at home.

  • Rohit Rajgarhia wrote ...

    thank you all for your sharing your kind reflections, practices and motivating me.
    @Maria- I am amazed by many many practices you have taken up in these times, contributing your best on so many levels.