The Long Walk -- A Poem

Posted by Zarin Virji on Apr 1, 2020
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Just struck me that COVID-19 has propelled us into a Gift economy - everyone is offering resources freely - whether it is learning or entertainment or what-have-you!

Sharing with you a few lines that I wrote about the migrant workers in India.

the long walk

livelihood shut, food scarce, virus scare,
you view: news, Netflix, Sensex
and tut-tut about the migrant crisis
I walk

a pot or two bundled on my head, I walk
you groan: housework, kids at home
groceries dwindling, sanitizer levels dipping,
I walk

the sun scorches, feet calloused, and I walk
you try: new recipes, new poses
vitamin C, hot water gargles,
I walk

lathi raised, disinfectant sprayed, I still walk
You play: songs, board games
cards, any kind of time-pass,
I walk

village reached, entry closed, I stop
you video call: Singapore, UK
USA, you care for them all,
nowhere to walk

hunger, fatigue, thirst
what will get me first?

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Comments (2)

  • Sally Mahe wrote ...

    thank you for pointing out this natural shift (at least for the present) to a gift.generosity economy. It feels better to give talents/offering for example, rather than charge for a workshop,etc. Looking now how best to help those without food. How can these seeds of generosity be nurtured when people feel more scarcity?

  • Anne Collier wrote ...

    I think you’re right, Zarin. And thank you for the persoective your poem offers. <3Write a comment ...