Dear Hearts, I Haven't Been Present ...

Posted by Becky Jaine Suzik on Mar 27, 2020
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dear hearts, i haven't been present on this web site in a long time, but like so many i feel I am a servicespace traveller in the world. i am deeply inspired by what is happening in the world most days, but now with an illness known and named among us, I am even more committed to cocreating things that offer hope, peace, love and compassion.
this is an image of the current known cases of covid-19 in the world, as of 27 march 2020, a map that simultaneously attempts to tracks karuna response. i am deeply grateful for servicespace, kindspring and laddership for all you have led me to think, feel and contemplate.
i included the web site link for servicspace's new web site, in case it can bring more love and awareness.
i wish us all peace and karuna. becky jaine

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  • Rajni wrote ...

    We all know that quantity doesn't matter but quality idoes. Your heart shows you are with service Space, Kind Spring. The only thing it did not show on our feed. Karuna map will definitely spread more Karuna ( Compassion) in the world. Thanks for sharing your heart too along with karuna map.