Corona To Karuna -- A Poem
--Ward Mailliard
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Mar 22, 2020

After seeing ServiceSpace community's response -- it was just such a brilliant notion -- this poem just flowed out of me. Rashmi from Manzil Mystics may set it to music, and I'll keep you posted. Thank you for your continuing inspiration.

Corona to Karuna

Corona is the name they give
to separation’s cost
Change it to Karuna
and seek what has been lost

What compassion’s hearts now do,
as heavy as they be,
will make moments together
to help each other see

What we’ve put off now daily
in the busyness of life
We must reclaim with others
to end the endless strife

To see us each as human
in our common need,
to cure and grow equality
with love its only seed

Our mother’s love a fundament
by which we all have grown
humanity is vested here
to all this must be known

Intimacy and trusting,
cooperation’s gold
the light of all intelligence
we human beings hold.

Take the time together now,
and help remove the veil
of stories that have never served,
and let love’s light prevail.

Corona is the name they give
to separations cost
Change it to karuna,
and seek what has been lost


Posted by Ward Mailliard on Mar 22, 2020

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