Excerpts From The 21-Day Coronavirus Responses
--Xiaojuan Shu
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Mar 17, 2020


The 21-Day Coronavirus Response Challenge was originally created for the Dharma Realm Buddhist University (DRBU) community as the university was closing down. The format uses a simplified 21-Day Challenge model created by KindSpring.

Education is without beginning or end. There is not a single location that is not a place of learning, and there is not a single moment that is not a time for learning.
Venerable Master Hsüan Hua, Founder of DRBU

Despite the turmoil “outside,” let’s continue to meet “inside.” When the “inside” meets the “outside,” there is only one side, which has no side. May this 21-Day Coronavirus Response Challenge help foster our sense of community and strengthen our self-cultivation while facing changes and challenges during this corona-time. Happy cultivation!

Day 1: Be Mindful of Our Hands

During the corona-time, the movements of hands should be closely monitored at all times. Be mindful of their habits. Where do they like to touch when you let them loose for just a moment? What are they doing now? Pay attention to them. Our lives are now in the hands of our hands! Our collective resilience in navigating this coronavirus pandemic will be strengthened by each of us being mindful--of our hands (not touching our eyes, nose and mouth), our mind (not letting it run rampant in worries, fear, resentment and panic), and our attachments (such as our routines, plans and expectations. Can we let them go?).

Set aside at least 10 minutes a day (the longer, the better) to observe sensations on the face. For instance, when itchiness arises, don’t scratch it. Just observe. “No itchiness is eternal.” All sensations just come and then pass away. But you have to see the impermanence of sensations through your own experiences. Try your best to simply observe itchiness even when it seems “unbearable,” then you can rejoice in its fading and begin to taste the peace of non-reacting. See if you can catch your hand halfway before it reaches your face and stop it. :)

May each movement of our hands be purposeful.

Posted by Xiaojuan Shu on Mar 17, 2020

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