"China In Silence" -- A Letter From February

Posted by Jasky Sor on Mar 15, 2020
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[A text I received last month that I thought you may enjoy reading. --Jasky]

「靜靜的中國」 作者:石梁
China in Silence” by Shi Liang, early February 2020

The hustle and bustle in China finally quietened down. The restless society finally also calmed down. The restless people in the country too gradually fell silent.

The wildlife which were caged have finally succeeded in caging humans. This is known as “Rampant vicious acts will come around”. Such a phenomenon is the Law of natural justice or karma.

Humans finally have to bow their proud heads and ponder in silence: Are humans the king of the planet? Humans finally have to submit to the awe of the nature.

Facing the threat of death, humans began to reflect and realized that the lack of due respect and fear will end up with more harm and danger.

The greedy hearts are cleansed by the pandemic, the gluttonous mouths are punished, and the fun seekers who used to hang out at pubs and clubs are repelled by the disease to return home. Those who frequently spent time in card games, alcohol and casinos are submissively home-bound.

There are fewer and fewer people and cars on the streets. The air becomes fresher, haze disappeared, the sky becomes bluer, and the sun becomes brighter. Families become more harmonious and warmer. The hearts of people are more peaceful and calm.

Those who for years had not read a book now stay home to read. Parents who had neglected their children started to establish closer rapport, so are couples who had lived like strangers. And children become filial to their parents.

The Coronavirus pandemic gives humans a vivid and profound lesson. It teaches humans to submit and respect, to know the beauty of a peaceful life. It enables us to feel true love, it gradually leads us to the “return journey” of love. We ought to be grateful to this “enemy”, and we need it to regularly “awaken” and “empower” us.

Coronavirus disease won’t go away soon; it is waiting for humans to develop good habits. The virus won’t continue to torture people forever either because humans will accumulate more loving-kindness to dispel the virus. Time will reveal all to us, and time will also show us what is right.


I really like the silent China. I hope that people in China can develop a “Silent China” by themselves without relying on any virus.
The silent China is truly wonderful!
——-wrote at home engulfed in silence on Feb. 2, 2020 morning

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Comments (3)

  • Stephen Hodd wrote ...

    I love this. Thank you for sharing! This is the virus that will save the planet.

  • NANCY E Peden wrote ...

    Profound and I want to share widely; I have many Asian friends.. Your wisdom touches me deeply.

    Perhaps most startling and informing: "The wildlife which were caged have finally succeeded in caging humans.

    This is known as “Rampant vicious acts will come around”. Such a phenomenon is the Law of natural justice or karma."

    Thank you, Jasky Sor. Deep teach sharing and a deep bow. You serve the earth.

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