Embracing Deep Feelings And Challenges Carries Forward

Posted by Francesca Chiara on Mar 14, 2020
A poem written in service of self, and of course others. :)

I'm hurt, but not broken
sad, but not un consolable
discouraged... but I have hope

I'm not as pretty as I used to be, but I'm just as beautiful

I'm not as naive, but certainly wiser
less innocent, with a greater sense of discretion

I've been hurt, but not broken
sad, but not un consolable
discouraged, but with renewed hope

I am lost but ready to be found
I've been flattened, but being thin is not so bad... ;)
I have been disheartened but I can still laugh

I was crushed, squashed, knocked about and treated without due care
I felt anger and rage, some bitterness, but that's all because I still care
I was battered and challenged beyond belief so I stood in patience and with faith
such faith that an angel came to my side to free me from the hurtful disgrace

I am beauty, I am grace
you will see it on my face
because I know the source of truth
I will not be fooled by looks or youth
I am whole and filled with light (I work at this each day and night)
I love and live in true delight

Thankful and gracious
I will be kind
of wondrous mind

I am uplifted, careful, and wise
so ready to gaze into your eyes
to see the soul within in truth,
to acknowledge, to welcome, to bless with truth
we will be mirrors with shiny glass, equal, and confident love will last
we will be brave, courageous, gentle, able to play and be sentimental
sharing with open minds and hearts,
filled with white light through all parts
our radiance will glow and spread from our cores,
to encompass ourselves and even more

We will delight in love, feel peace, as pure as a white dove
soaring high we will discover
playful life with our chosen lover.

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  • NANCY E Peden wrote ...

    Oh Francesca, I feel so blessed