Glimpse Into Laddership Journeys :)

Posted by Jane Murray on Mar 11, 2020
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Has been a joy to be a witness to the intentions and journeys behind various applications for an upcoming Laddership Circle!

An excerpt:

Radical generosity feels like an act of kindness so out of the ordinary that you can hardly breathe and you lose your words when you see it or experience it. I feel like it comes from a place either deep within where we are all connected at the Soul level. [...]

My husband and I, along with our 3 kiddos, started practicing what I would call more intentional generosity a few years ago around the holidays. The goal was/is to turn Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving marked with hectic consumerism) into RAK Friday, encouraging friends and family to participate in radical acts of kindness and soulful generosity all day. It has turned into our favorite day of the year.

The most inspiring part of this day is when you have a genuine exchange with the recipient of your kindness (a love note, a gift card, a cup of coffee, fresh flowers, and so on). Some have a look of surprise and delight and others are moved to tears. I don’t consider any of these single acts 'radical generosity', but collectively I think they all contribute to the elevation of the human spirit and highlight the need for more genuine expressions of our brother and sisterhood.

And another one:

If someone could wave a magic wand, what is the ideal support they could offer to you at this time?

I would like that he teleports me to people in need. In which case, I would take the time to listen to their stories, get into a position to be compassionate and figure out how to help them. Well… those people may be thousand miles away or just across the street.

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