E-waste: Let's Look At It Carefully!! Dear ...

Posted by Shreenabh Agrawal on Mar 10, 2020
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E-waste: let's look at it carefully!!

Dear co-humans, I was away for some time as I thought of doing something concrete before writing about it for you to read. I saw a news-story about e waste disposal at Delhi and was shocked to see the sorry state of young poor children who work in dark lanes of this unorganised sector without being aware of the dangers they are living in. That was the instant I decided to do something about it. At the same time I got an opportunity to be a part of a training camp held at Stockholm regarding waste management. Here is where I learnt in depth about e-waste management. As soon as I came back home to India I created a simple yet effective presentation telling clearly about e-waste. I also wrote a comprehensive article about the same which was published in a leading daily and reached around 200000 people. But I wanted each and every child to understand about e-waste. I started conducting presentations in schools. But how many could I reach alone? This question was disturbing me. I then started choosing awareness campaign partners and slowly but truly I got enthusiastic children join me. We have now together reached more than 10000 children through face to face presentations not only in schools but also in hospitals, night schools, community parks and even our own living rooms. I am sure this small step of kindness towards our own fellow humans and also towards Mother Earth will go a long way and many more people will join us.

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