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Posted by Mia Tagano on Mar 5, 2020
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I haven't written much in a while - not since my grandmother died really -thought I'd write a little today. Wanting to bring back again stories of kindness that I was able to share when she was alive. Feeling a little rusty. Thank you for your understanding. Enjoy.....

Went to the doctor yesterday - for the first time since just before she died and that was with her. This was my first time at this hospital and with this doctor for a check up. I was unsure of where to go or what to do. I decided to lead with kindness gratitude and humility.

I asked the first person I saw, as I was walking out of the parking lot, if they could point me in the right direction. It turned out it was only her second day working there. We both laughed at the irony. She pointed me towards the main building; I thanked her as we went on our way, giggling happily just because.

The woman at the registration was trying to hurry to clean up her station as she was just coming off of her break. I told her, no worries, take your time. She thanked me and when she was able to speak with me, took extra time with me to make sure I knew what to do and where to go next. At the next station, still having not met the doctor yet, I was offered a pencil and time and easy directions. No one rushed each other and every one was smiling.

When my new doctor came in, she started all business like then I told her that I picked her special and why; I told her too about my grandmother and why I waited so long to come to make an appointment. By the end of our visit, we were talking like old friends. She stopped just before leaving to remind me that when our loved ones pass, they still stay with us. It was a beautiful kind moment.

Next I went for testing. The woman who took my blood, wondered about my necklace – I am wearing the snail necklace my dear friend gave me in honor of my pet snail, Maki. I told the woman about Maki. She listened so intently then shared an intimate story of how she deals with fear. In the end, she offered that since we couldn’t shake hands, we could do a foot shake instead which we did. That of course had us hysterical laughing. And, she ended up thanking me for making her day better! I thanked her too. Who knew there could be so much joy in getting your blood drawn.

Today when I went back for more tests, a woman dropped her cane so I picked it up for her. A man nearby had gotten out of his chair to help too but when he saw me, sat down. Later as he was leaving, he looked over to me and we smiled, knowing that we were, in a way, made of the same cloth.

Another woman left her cane out of her reach when she sat down after getting herself some tea. She didn’t speak so I gestured to her cane and her. She nodded and seemed to speak to me with her hands. I got it for her and then we smiled and bowed together. Simple kindness, both of us gifted.

Most every encounter yesterday and today at the hospital was graced with kindness. So many sick and tired, including me in a way (I will be fine), but choosing not to lead with our sickness but with our light. So many smiled at me. I wasn't doing anything overt or leading with over cheer. I wasn't feeling that exactly, just moving with soft eyes. And, if my eyes casually caught another's, I would smile if they didn't first. So many sweet simple human exchanges.

I go back tomorrow for more tests and I have no doubt, I will have similar encounters. In a way, it is a choice. I am not perfect and often get angry or turn inside but also, more and more, I am doing what my grandmother taught me… “Be kind to people; Don’t hurt people” - Treat others as you would want to be treated and they will mostly respond in kind. ☺❤️

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Comments (3)

  • Audrey Lin wrote ...

    So beautiful, Mia. Thank you for these poignant moments of simple kindness. :)

  • Rajni wrote ...

    I like your kind acts.

    God created each of us "Unique" . Perfection is not easy to define. It may very widely with viewpoints.

    Getting angry and kindness do not match. What a drop of poison makes whole cup of liquid?

  • Bonnie Rose wrote ...

    Wow, Mia. Not rusty at all but shimmering with grace. Thank you.