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Posted by Mindyjourney on Feb 17, 2020
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Having enjoyed KMBhai’s Kindness hOMe first-hand on our visit to India just a few months ago, I wanted to share this important kindness offering from him and his family.

A gratis only at-home stay, which was one of the highlights of our India adventure that opened our hearts 💕 in so many ways...forever grateful.

If you are interested in visiting that amazing country, please get in touch with KMBhai for further information — as depicted on brochure image below.

KMBhai’s post on our KindSpring feed:

“On the occasion of Random Act of Kindness Day, all of you are kindly invited to our Kindness hOMe. A safe and secure place for those who want to visit India and enjoy a more authentic experience.

At our hOMe you will live a natural life, free from too much tech and internet overload, plus also free from material life, while experiencing our welcoming culture and traditional Indian life.

If you have an interest in kindness activities, want to participate in social causes, if you are alone or with loved ones, a traveler, researcher, or just curious to know India more deeply, please come and stay in our Kindness hOMe!

We will wait for you…

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  • Rajni wrote ...

    Kindness hOMe is spreading kindness. Thanks for sharing