Welcome Home !!!

Posted by Kishan Laddha on Feb 8, 2020
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Welcome home !!!

“आप मेरे घर चलिये “, come to my home, she invited with grace!

We were at the bank of Narmada, waiting for a boatman to take us across to Kabirvad. But we got late and there could be no boat for return journey. We were spending time at the banks and there this group of children came running, their school got over and they were to go home across the river. The same boat that we were thinking to go, which we couldn’t, the children settled in, as this boat will take them home. In our conversation, they learnt that we intended to go to the other side but can’t, understanding our intentions the elder girl offered us - “come to my home, welcome home!!!”

I was jaw dropped, she doesn’t know anything about us, not even our names (we didn’t even exchange our names) and with her magnanimous heart ❣ she invited us to her home. Moved by love, we expressed our gratitude to her offer. We had to leave for Ahmedabad, hence couldn’t accept her offer, but we shared about our pilgrim sisters Swara and Trupti who did a pilgrimage across the river mother Narmada. And, learning about the same, all the kid said “ Narmade Har” in unison, deepening the spirit of pilgrim and oneness at the core.

From Bharuch, we reached Baroda at the very home of Swara, Trupti, Jiggy and Trilok uncle, it was literally like entering in own home. As I entered, saw the plate “welcome home” in the hall where they host awakin every Wednesday, and many known and unknown people (friends) almost everyday.

We had an incredible circle of sharing with them, enriched by Amit Arora and Amit Maheshwari’s presence and insights. Swara and Trupti fed us one of the most amazing meal with super special home made dessert. Later, Amit bhaiya shared that few years ago, when he moved to Baroda, he met Swara at her home on non-Awakin day, initially he had hesitation to be at someone’s home at 10 pm in evening, whom he didn’t know anything about beyond a common friend. And, now that home has become a home for his family, specially of his daughter Sauna (9 years) who is part of Awakin almost every Wednesday.

Reflecting, from evening’s instance of meeting students (unknown friends) at the banks of Narmada, I felt we were welcomed home, not just physically but within, with the same spirit and beyond ... “After all, we're just walking each other home.”

Deep gratitude to all such pilgrims and hosts, who are nourishing the spirit of “welcoming home”.

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