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Posted by Mindyjourney on Feb 8, 2020

Sharing an inspirational post from our KindSpring community by Rajni, about his experience at the Ahmedabad program:

Two community nights in Ahmedabad – on Jan 17th and Jan 18th, 2020

Day 1 Jan 17, 2020 Gandhi 3.0 at ESI, Sugadh

Dear KS friend KM Bhai - who came from Kanpur to Ahmedabad to attend the program, and I, were welcomed with beautiful smiles and warm hugs by the program greeters. They talked to me by writing on paper, as I am not able to hear. They showed us that we all belong to the same KindSpring family. Gave away many quote cards and was given many happy smiles in return. Some took photos with me holding quote cards.

Nipunbhai came in with a kind smile. He welcomed me with outstretched hands and hugged me. I was able to speak to him 3 or 4 times. It gave me immense joy. Coming to the stage is not Nipunbhai’s style. With the feeling of gratitude, he occupies our hearts.

I made a new friend from the welcoming team. They were all dynamic. During the program I felt kindness in the air.

Nimo came on stage singing that made everybody rock.

After the program was over and almost all were gone, KM Bhai was trying to get a taxi ride. A kind soul went the extra mile and drove us home. Kindness in action counts. It is the fruit of the KindSpring family where you will find many open loving hearts that grab the opportunity and materialize it. I am grateful to them for giving us a ride.

Day 2 Jan 18, 2020 at Somnath Chhatralay across the Sabarmati Gandhi Ashram

Evening of Inspiration and Musical evening at Gandhi Ashram with Kabir-singer Prahalaji Tapaniya and his team.

Before dinner at Parikshit Ashramshala attendees danced - Indian style Garba. Joy was in the air and pleasing dance before our eyes.

I was facing towards the door, busy giving out some new quote cards as people entered. I did not notice the program had started. Nipunbhai came over to inform me and to take a seat. He took time to care. I am grateful to him. I left some quote cards near the entrance, so whoever came in could take some.

Though, I was not able to hear anything, I felt kindness all around me.

After the program was over, I made three new friends. I gave more quote cards and birthday cards to them to share with others. They took photos with me. It looked like nobody wanted to leave. Night was taking its grips, reminding us to remember home and leave. The same kind soul offered a ride to KM Bhai and me. Though easy transportation was available, I opted to give her a kindness opportunity. I also told her that “We know Lord Krishna gave a ride to Arjuna at Kurukshetra.” I have a feeling that Lord Krishna was giving us a ride. We all know that our feelings are most important in all our actions.

I am looking forward to attend next year's program.

*In the photo collage (courtesy of dear KS friend) on left Nipunbhai and I are shooting kind smiles at onlookers. Right top photo is with the greeting team. Bottom right photo with Nipunbhai, KM Bhai and another KindSpringer.

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  • Brinda Govindan wrote ...

    So very happy to see these photos and read your share! Abundant kindness and joy :-)