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Posted by Deepak Shah on Jan 16, 2020
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I am a Laughter Yoga Teacher. Also a Yoga Teacher. Just love to spread true spirit of Yoga, compassion.I practice compassion through taking laughter session in a gathering. Last week We have a a JITO meet at a Treat Resort near Gholwad. Where I took a Laughter Yoga Session. Participants were feeling amazingly happiness through laughter. Many of them had never laughed like this before in their entire life. Laughter yoga is a unique concept where anyone can laugh for no reason. We don't need to rely on jokes sense of humor or comedies to laugh. God has given laughing capacity to we humans only. In entire flow of desires, we have forgotten our basic strength to laugh. This is basically exploring our childlike playfulness. If we can explore our laughing strength regularly, it has a proven medical benefits also. Laughter helps in control of high B.P., Asthama, Bronchitis, Depression, Anxiety. Also laughter is great stress buster and anti aging. A laugh can free us from needless intensity. A laugh is the best cosmetic for our outside and the best medicine for our insides. If our laugh- muscles work regularly our digestion will improve, our appetite will be stimulated. I enjoy spreading practice of our ability to laugh.

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