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Posted by Jayesh Goyal on Jan 12, 2020
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I am preparing questions for the Awakin call with Home Nguyen (his bio is on the call link).
Could you please share any additional questions as a comment? Thanks!

1. You had a difficult childhood growing up in the midst of war and having a harrowing journey to escape it. How has that experience brought you to the work you do today?

2. You dropped out of college to follow your passion and become a theater artist, a move that shocked your family. What led to that decision, and how do you feel about it now?

3. You have spoken of your struggle to reconcile what happens on the inside with what happens on the outside. How did you finally find a resolution and what advice would you give to people in the same situation?

4. You are a long term Vipassana practitioner and you credit the practice with creating an inflection point in your life. Can you share more about how your life changed as a result of the meditation practice?

5. Leaders in a business setting are often hesitant to let their real emotions show, and they also get uncomfortable dealing with the emotions of others. Yet you have said it is essential to tap into these emotions to treat people with love and dignity. Could you share some examples from your work with leaders in companies?

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  • Richard Whittaker wrote ...

    Good questions! No doubt, listening to his responses will open up good follow up questions for going deeper...