Beloveds, Wishing Everyone A Very Joyous, ...

Posted by Barbara Jack on Dec 31, 2019
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Beloveds, wishing everyone a very joyous, healthy, prosperous, love and hug filled new year ahead. Please in this year coming, be aware reach out to others,to give time, caring, a warm greeting, try to always,check in on them, give them a telephone call,(! For consider, how would you feel, in the place of those less cared about or forgotten? Even one that is only a few minutes), drop by and visit with them, of those around you, those beloved family members. Beloved friends, beloved acquaintances, the old, the young the disabled, the poor and those neighbors all around you. Well, freezing my hands off here and my son came to tell me to go into our only room with heat, our maggie, emma and fuzzbucket do not tolerate us leaving them. Lol they are our controllers! Oh my, joe has brought me hot tea. The frigid rooms make him have more severe pain, so I must go. So much love and very huge warmest hugs, to mindy, mish and all others that may recall me in kindspring! Happy new year! Xxooooooooo

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