Posted by Shreenabh Agrawal on Dec 23, 2019
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‘Life’ … a word that cannot be explained in mere words! To understand this simple four lettered word, Philosophers and Scientists have spent centuries exploring and experimenting. A tiny seed has so much life in it that it grows into a huge banyan tree. A sparkling river flowing over the stones; breathing along with the golden fishes that breathe in it, flows to give life to all. A small white egg laid by a sparrow breaks one day and a new life emerges from it. A caterpillar struggles in the cocoon and one day grows into a bright colourful butterfly spreading joy to all the eyes that see it. So beautiful, so gentle, so noble, so lovely, so peaceful, so kind this LIFE is!!

How and why then, an unkind being destroy all this life for his selfish gains? How can anyone cut the huge banyan tree so mercilessly after all the years it had stood tall spreading the message of glory and peace? How can anyone spoil the sparkling river and harm the harmless little fishes? How can anyone hurt the tiny sparrow that has just opened its eyes to see the world? How can anyone crush the beautiful butterfly between his harsh fingers? Oh dear! How can anyone kill the child the young mother had so lovingly brought into the world? How can anyone be so lifeless…so unkind?

Kindness for me means respecting life! Life within us and life all around us! Committing suicide to escape the unkind world means being unkind to one’s own self as well as all the people who love us. The life within us is to be respected most and hence we should be kind to ourselves first and only then we can spread kindness all around. We should open our mouth only when we wish to speak good about someone or something. This way we can not only be kind to the person in front but also to ourselves. Disturbing someone’s peace by speaking harsh words is being unkind to the life within that person.

If we cannot give least we can save some. If we don’t throw garbage in the rivers and lakes, the aquatic life therein will be saved. If we don’t cut the trees, the flora and fauna therein will be saved. If we keep our vehicles in check for pollution, the fresh air can be available for us and all the others to breathe in.

If we can all do just will be a great service to Mother Earth!

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