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Posted by Helen Kimura on Dec 9, 2019
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Last weekend, Dustin and I had the beautiful experience of serving a two day silent meditation retreat at Banyan Grove. Our immediate inspiration was from just having sat our own three days of silent meditation at BG in October and generously served by Audrey. On the ride home from that weekend, our gratitude for the experience quickly turned into a conversation of “let’s pay this forward!” and the idea for this retreat was born.

Although it rained hard from the start of the retreat, invisible protectors guided us all safely to and at Banyan Grove. Noble silence was no doubt, a treat for our mind and body--held from Saturday 6am until the closing circle on Sunday evening at 7pm. Many reflected on how the peaceful energy within and out was easily felt without the distraction of outside noise.

We wrapped up the weekend with the 3-steps 1-bow practice, inspired by Rev. Hengsure's bowing 800-mile Peace Pilgrimage followed by a circle of reflections. It was quite an intimate experience bowing indoors at Banyan Grove.

For one participant, this was her very first meditation retreat and bowing practice. So moved by the bowing that she is inspired to continue it after leaving the retreat! Another reflected how the 2-day sit allowed her to shift from a demand for perfect environment to meditate to just be with others and moved by the love and energy as if she's one with nature. A first timer to Banyan Grove echoed feeling eternally grateful by Service Space in every inch of Banyan Grove. The smell of food walking into the main house after each meditation session reminded a participant of childhood memories of coming home to abundant home cooked meals. The experience made him feel like coming home.

Serving in silence turned out more smoothly and joyful than I could ever asked for! There was a tangible degree of clarity flowing from head to heart and hands when moving and working through agreed nonverbal interactions. It was a great joy being in the space of stillness and kindness with so much beauty all around.

Although I didn't get to see it, but Dustin, saw a beautiful rainbow peeked outside the window at one point. Watching our meditators's movements on and off the cushions with the rainbow overhead, he was reminded of the beauty and importance in slowing down.

Much 🙏 gratitude to so many loving souls for creating this opportunity for us to serve and be on the receiving end with so much joy to bring back home and beyond.

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Comments (4)

  • Tim Huang wrote ...

    Thank you Helen, Dustin, and all the other invisible hands for your labor of love - a gift that keeps on giving!

  • Birju wrote ...

    wow! indoor bowing! amazed :)

  • Ariel Nessel wrote ...

    Count me in for the next weekend retreat Helen! Those look like some happy faces.

  • avni wrote ...

    Echoing Tim - Thank you to Helen and Dustin and all others involved in providing this space and growth. <3 big hugs!