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Posted by Preeta Bansal on Nov 29, 2019
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Last Saturday, we had the privilege of hosting Awakin Call with Jude Currivan. What follows is a very extensive summary of some of her shared words of wisdom, but words on a page cannot begin to capture the sheer delight and warmth of her being; please do give the call a listen to tap into some of Jude's lively and loving energy, which was so skillfully drawn out by our wonderful moderator Andy Smallman ((kindness warrior and past Awakin call guest).

Dr. Jude Currivan is a cosmologist, futurist and healer. After a corporate career culminating in the mid-1990s as one of the most senior business women in the UK, she chose to pursue a calling to serve the emergence of a global shift of awareness. With a masters' degree in quantum physics from Oxford and a Ph.D. in archaeology and ancient cosmologies, she has researched the physical science of the universe and the universal wisdom of many spiritual traditions to formulate a "theory of everything." She seeks to reconcile quantum physics with cellular biology and relativity theory to argue that our Universe operates as a giant, enfolded information system. "We and all things in the universe are non-locally connected in ways unfettered by space and time," she says. The daughter of a coal miner, she experienced multidimensional realities since age 4 and has been on an inner and outer quest to know the cosmos.

Below are some detailed wisdom nuggets from the call that stood, organized under 3 large headings: (1) Her direct experience of the multidimensional nature of reality, guided by “discarnate intelligences”; (2) Her integration of science and the left-brain with her spiritual experiences; and (3) Her ongoing work as an individual and planetary healer.

Her direct experience of the multidimensional nature of reality, guided by “discarnate intelligences”
  • Experiencing reality as much more than what we can see and touch: “Understanding is very helpful, but experiencing it is far more powerful. From the age of four years old, I was actually experiencing multidimensionality, so I was experiencing reality as much more than the physicality of our universe. And I was walking between worlds. I was being offered guidance from discarnate intelligences. From a very young age, I experienced reality as much more than what we can really see and touch, much more than our societies, mainstream science, has told us is the sole reality. … So I've learned that all that we call reality is ultimately unified. That what Einstein called the cosmic mind of God is an infinite and eternal ultimate reality. And that what we call physical reality is actually, rather than the great thing, is far more a great thought in that infinitive cosmic mind. I've experienced reality much more as the ancient spiritual traditions have told us – the Vedic sages of India, the Buddhists, the Tao itself; I've experienced reality in those ways, and I spent a lifetime trying to bridge science and spirituality into a more coherent whole in that journey.”​​​​​​​
  • Her experience as an “invitation to adventure and exploration”: “I don't know if you remember when you were four years old, but it's like the world is a world of wonder. And yet it's very natural. You know, the extraordinary is the ordinary and the ordinary is extraordinary. And so I was in my bedroom and light literally appeared in the corner of the room. And then I started to hear a voice and it was a voice within my head rather than outside of me. And that voice was very kind and it was an invitation to an adventure. And that invitation to adventure has been an ongoing adventure ever since. So I started to experience out of body experiences, pre-cognitive dreams, some levels of telepathic communication, an ability to know things that my physical senses couldn’t access, but then were shown to be validated. So it was that, and it was just an invitation to adventure, an invitation to exploration.”​​​​​​​
  • Why her sense of the non-physical realm was not shut down by society: Jude believes that all humans can and do experience multi-dimensionality. “It’s who we really are. … If we go to the sense of the universe being a big thought, then mind and consciousness is not something we have, it’s something we are. We are micro-cosmic co-creators. We're microcosms as that innate intelligence of a universe that exists to evolve and know itself. So, I do feel that we all have those abilities, but so often they're shut down at a young age and we are taught to experience life then in a very limited way, even though we can experience it as grander in its expansiveness.” Those abilities were not shut down for Jude because she never told anybody of her multi-dimensional experiences. “It never occurred to me to share anything I was experiencing. I knew my mum would have been fine with it. But it wasn't out of fear. In one sense. I thought I was having too much fun. But it literally never occurred to me, and I didn't really start to share my experiences until I was in my late twenties and I can't remember the circumstances, but it was almost like there was an opportunity that just felt right at the time to say, ‘Oh, yes. I've had those experiences,’ but that was the only reason. It wasn't through fear, but I'm delighted I didn't share because I suspect I would have been shut down not by my mum, but my friends, and perhaps my teachers, perhaps other people around me. So I feel very fortunate in a way that I didn't share it at that early stage.” ​​​​​​​
  • Contrast with shamanic traditions, which honor such experiences: The way our society shuts down multidimensional experiences is different from more indigenous cultures. “I've traveled to so many countries and worked with so many wisdom keepers. When I work with indigenous peoples, you know that the shamanic traditions identify children who are particularly gifted in this way, and instead of shutting them down, they encourage them. They invite them. I was staying with a family of Australian aborigine people in the red heart of Australia some years ago on their sacred land and that community Shaman was a 12-year-old girl and the whole community went to her because she could see deeper and further than anyone else in the community. And so there is a sense of loss if it's not used perhaps. But I feel that we have these abilities, all of us have these abilities.”​​​​​​​
  • What is the nature of multidimensional experiences, and how to discern their integrity? “In my experience working with many folks, some people are clair-audient (they hear), others are clairvoyant (they see) -- like those children who were seeing colors and auras. Sometimes it's clair-kinesthetic (there's just a sense of this). For me, it’s all three. So I would communicate with intelligences …. For me, what's always been hugely important is the integrity of those communications and the benevolence of those communications. … When you’re in those sort of communications, [it’s important to] test them for their integrity – are they speaking to your ego or to be in service of something greater than yourself? My whole life – my test of them has been, are they inviting me to be of service?” The gauge is “are they pandering to my ego? Are they telling me I'm special? Or they're telling me I'm the chosen one. Or they're telling me I'm so important. Or are they saying, ‘look, get over yourself. But there's something here that could be of benefit, some way that you can be helpful, some piece of information or understanding that could help others in times of difficulty, in times of challenge – some deeper insights that can serve something that is beneficial in the world.’ So those have been my guidance and my way show-ers as I've gone forward.”​​​​​​​
  • Opening the door for others’ similar experiences and inviting them to adventure: Jude ultimately shared her experiences with someone else in her twenties. “I can't exactly recollect [the circumstances], but I do recall around that time, I was having some sort of massage therapy and something bodily triggered within me. And the person who was giving me the massage said something to me along the lines of, ‘Oh, I saw your aura change then.’ And it was almost like there was an opening and I just felt comfortable. I felt safe. And I felt, because I had felt the bodily response that she clearly could also see in sort of an energetic perspective, it sort of opened the door. It gave me a safe space, even though, as I say, I wasn't fearful before that, but it gave me an opening to share or to begin to share some of the experiences that I'd been having.” That opening invited her to share more, and “more and more over these intervening years, I've been the one offering it [the opening] to other people. So other people come up to the corners of rooms at parties or wherever and say, ‘I've never told anybody else, but….’ And they haven't known me at that point, but somehow they felt able to share with me and I've been able to validate them in their experiences and, and who knows, they could go on and be the door opener to other people. And we do it for each other. That's the help we can offer each other.”​​​​​​​
  • Significance of intuition and synchronicity: “[The experience] can be an intuition. So often we get an intuition and we ignore it. We push it to the side because we don't know how it worked. How could intuition actually work? And more and more leading edge science is validating that intuition is probably our deepest wisdom when we're able to tune into it. Listen to it and follow it. So intuition for me has been an amazingly powerful way of guiding my path forward. And the other one is synchronicities. Synchronicities, everyday miracles. So often we ignore them. And yet I've learned that when I am aware of a synchronicity, to follow it, to pay attention to it, to have a sense of what it's saying to me -- and of course, again, going back to Carl Jung, he was a great fan of synchronicity.”
Her integration of science and the left-brain with her spiritual experiences
  • Her training in physics and cosmology and seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary and the ordinary in the extraordinary: “I've got a master’s [degree] in physics, I've got a PhD/ doctorate in archeology. And the master’s is all about the science of cosmology. And the doctorate is the archeology of ancient cosmologies.” One day, she had a sudden awakening that “we're all ordinary and in the commonality of our divinity we’re extraordinary.” That language “came through me.” “What it really came to me was that in every action, in every ordinary action, there is still sanctity. There's still sacredness, there's still divinity, and actually our divinity is also who we are, so it's ordinary as well as extraordinary.” She likens this to the well-known Zen wisdom, “before enlightenment, chop wood, draw water; after enlightenment, chop wood draw water.” “Every moment is an opportunity to be awed by life or the universe.” She feels this especially when she gardens.​​​​​​​
  • Books write us and lives live us, rather than vice versa: She’s writing her next book called Gaia Her-Story, tracing “the entire journey of our universe, from 13.8 billion years ago.” “It's been a journey of, of evolution. As a greater complexity and it's literally awesome.” “I feel the book is writing me. Oh, my books write me. I never say that I'm writing them.” She feels that in all artistic endeavor and probably all endeavor, we act as conduits and channels. “We're also transceivers and, and moderators of, of intelligence and mind and consciousness. So, in a sense, you know, our lives live us as much as we live our lives.”​​​​​​​
  • “Into-greating” the masculine and the feminine: “I was in corporate life for many years and I was very good at the sort of very masculine, you know, strategizing or ‘we're going to do this and manifest it all the rest of it.' And the feminine attributes of sensing and seeing and really inviting this flow of inspiration to come through us, I think becomes so powerful when they “into-great” together. Because that for me is that is the birth of creativity.” And yes, Jude says “integrate” as “into-great” – “because when we bring in my perception, when we bring the masculine-feminine together, which is always the ancient sacred marriage of those two principles, then they literally into-great, and from them, the divine child of creativity is born essentially.”​​​​​​​
  • On her penchance for hyphenated puns: “Brits are pretty facile at this, but there's something about seeing with new eyes, and I think that's very important because I think it was Marcel Proust who said that the voyage of discovery is not discovering new lands, but it's seeing with new eyes, and sometimes just that word play can actually help trigger seeing with new eyes something that seems very familiar.”​​​​​​​
  • On “wealth” as “well-health” and the need to collectively heal our relationship with money: “I do feel that [it is important] for us on a collective level [to] heal our relationship with money so it flows freely as a clear and pure essence of energy so that it doesn't stagnate. So it's not held behind walls, but it literally is a way of healthy relationship. “Well health” rather than just accumulating money is, I think, our healing, our relationship in that way with it is very important. And over the years, I've noticed that many people who have moved on in their life to being very much in service some how, in some times, their relationship with money has not been healthy because it's been a sort of some level of trauma that, so I think it's important for all that we have a healthy relationship with, with money.”​​​​​​​
  • Her quantum physics-based view of the cosmic hologram, the universe as cosmic intelligence in-formation, Indra’s Net, and non-local entanglement: “the appearance of our universe, the energy and matter and space and time of our universe, actually is emerging from deeper in-formational [note the placement of the hyphen] realms of causation, or deeper realms of causation, of cosmic intelligence, of cosmic mind, if you were, and our universe literally exists and evolves as a unified entity. But cosmic mind, cosmic consciousness from which the appearance of our universe emerges, expresses itself in a universal alphabet that has just two letters, ones and zeros, which is digitized information, but it's not random data. This is the key to it. It literally is meaningful in-formation that informs what we call reality. The hyphen expresses that it is meaningful rather than just data.… People in-formation that make up what we call reality.” “What we call a universe is through a hologram, and I refer to something called Indra’s net. Many thousands of years ago in ancient India, the Vedic sages described reality as being a multitude of jewels, and every jewel had many, many facets and every facet reflected all of the facets of all the other jewels. And each of the jewels was connected to all the other jewels by threads of gold. And that beautiful and poetic description is probably as close as we could get to the modern description of what a hologram is, because every part of the hologram reflects the whole, so the whole is reflected within every tiny pixel of the hologram. And everything is profoundly interconnected and ultimately part of a unified entity. Now leading edge science is showing how the reality of our universe is made up. … Cosmic consciousness is projecting it though as this appearance of space time.” “So within this emergent model, science and spirituality are coming together. And it explains why we have telepathic communications, why synchronicities happen, how our intuition works. And so part of the evidence that's coming forward is that our universe exists and evolves on a unified basis. In other words, we are non-locally profoundly interconnected. Last year an experiment was done showing how by non-locally entangling photons of light in the lab with starlight from 600 light years away and through two quasars, one of which was 12.2 billion light years away, showing that this is all profoundly interconnected. This is so empowering because mainstream science until now has basically said, the material realm is the only realm and its appearance of separation is its true reality, and this has now been completely turned on its head.”​​​​​​​
  • Intuition and science: “most of the great pioneering scientists have been deeply intuitive. And they've trusted their intuition, whether it's been Max Planck, John Wheeler, Albert Einstein, James Jeans, and I'm now meeting more and more young scientists who are willing to sit into this. I think I was a temple dancer in another life. And so for me, this [science] is the dance of intuitive insights and then asking perhaps your guide for validation of those. And over many, many years for me, that validation has come and, step by step in that dance, it's meant that I've been able to trust those intuitive insights ever more deeply. And so I would just say on a daily basis, if you have an intuitive insight, don't dismiss it. I think skepticism, healthy skepticism is fine. It' when people are just cynical, which for me is just a sort of tuning out of the evidence wherever it leads. And as a true scientist, I think following the evidence, wherever it leads is fundamental. So I just say, dance realizing that your intuitive insights are complementary and can be supported by evidence. And sometimes the evidence isn't apparent. So it is a process of trust. It is a dance of trust. But my experience has been when you show up and you all know and pay attention to those intuitive insights, then the gift is that there is validation.”​​​​​​​
  • Her career in the corporate world and becoming the senior-most businesswoman in the UK: She never knew her biological father as her parents divorced when she was very young, and then the man she came to know as her Dad died when she was age 10. Then she had heartbreak (an “emotional breakdown”) over a failed relationship as a student at university in her twenties. “I lost two dads, which was very careless of me, and my first great love. And so I went into my head, and because I was fairly bright, my left brain worked really well, and for many years I thought that was a great thing to be doing. And I enjoyed my life. I was still having the adventures in Wonderland, but I was emotionally disengaged. And it took me until I was well into my forties and a lot of running around some very codependent relationships that I'd realized that I'd actually tried to look after myself emotionally. I had imprisoned myself emotionally, so I'd really been in my left brain from my late teen years through to almost when I left corporate life. So that left brain stood me an amazing stead. But because of that essential emotional breakdown with that relationship at university when I was 20, it meant that, I just wasn't going to go into an academic career. I was [headed that way] and literally the universe thank goodness sideswiped me. So instead of going into an academic career, which I suspect I would not have been able to bring forward the leading-edge science that I am doing because of the peer group pressure within academia, instead – because I was really good at math – I went into corporate life and I trained as an accountant. And over the next 20 odd years, I became more and more senior and ended up being the chief financial officer, a group board member of two major international companies, each of which had annual sales of something like $500 million, and that's when I became the most senior business woman in Britain. … That whole journey gave me so much grounding. It offered me so many ways to understand transformational change from that perspective. But it took me as far as I could do in my head, in my left brain, and at that stage, spirit decided that it was time to open my heart again, and a number of circumstances meant that I literally got cracked open so that that prison around my heart just got cracked open. And that really then began the next stage in the adventure to into-great, to open my heart again and to integrate that right and left parts of my brain and my head and my heart.”​​​​​​​
  • On the role of free will within a cosmic unfolding: “So our universe exists and evolves as a unified entity. It's got a history of 13.8 billion years if our latest cosmological measures are correct. And from the very first moment of space and time, it's been increasing its informational content – its experience of itself all the time through. So we are on the unfolding edge of the universe in this moment, literally in this moment. So our choices shape the future individually and collectively on a universal scale. You know, humanity is just one species in a universe that evermore seems to be the possibility of teeming with complex life. So we are all of us in the point of now at the unfolding edge of our evolving universe. So what we choose matters. Free will for me plays out at some degree on our individual choices, but as someone who has a sense of my highest self beyond this human part of me, I'm also very conscious that what I'm sort of aware of in my human experience is very often informed by something that just flows through me.
Her ongoing work as an individual and planetary healer
  • “Our head tells us we are separate, but our hearts know better” – science is now coming along – and living from a place of kindness and connection: “All of the universal spiritual traditions, tell us of the oneness, and leading edge science is now coming to stand alongside the ancient understanding. And yet we do appear separate. And the appearance of separation is a very powerful appearance. Our head tells us we are separate, but our hearts know better. Our hearts know that we're not separate. We're individuals. Because wouldn't it be boring if we're all the same? Wouldn't it be boring if every leaf on every tree was the same? Wouldn't it be boring if every star in the sky was the same? It's radical diversity and yet underlying all this appearance of abundant diversity is oneness. So on an everyday basis, what difference does it make? Well, I would say that our beliefs drive our behaviors. The stories we tell are the stories we live by. If we believe in a world of separation, then we behave accordingly. And we have bought into this myth of separation – or certainly the great numbers of our collective have – indigenous people never have, they've been the wisdom holders of the understanding of ultimate oneness. But mainstream science has told us everything's separate. And so we've lived that way. And our behaviors have been behaviors that come from that belief of separation. So as a healer, they are dysfunctional behaviors to me, are the symptoms of our collective dis-ease of that buy-in to that illusion of separation, and as a healer, I know that by trying to treat the symptoms of the dis-ease, it will help moderate them for sure, but unless we go to the cause of the dis-ease, other symptoms will come forward. So for me, this new story, this new ancient story, this convergence of spirituality and science, has the opportunity to help us heal our collective dis-ease, but it's not enough to understand it. But what it can do is offer us perhaps an invitation to step in that adventure that I was invited to all those years ago – to live from that place of connectedness, to live from that place of kindness and love, knowing that we are all ultimately one and one with billions of separate places, but one nonetheless.”​​​​​​​
  • Our collective polarization and shadow: “from the loneliness of perceived separation to the aloneness of individuation to the all oneness”: “when we consider that all reality is a part of ultimately a unified whole, the great ocean of cosmic consciousness, then to differentiate itself becomes – if you like – the light and the shadow. And so the shadow is perhaps the unconscious, the unseen, the unrecognized aspect. And when we can bring understanding to that, we can raise consciousness to a greater perception of ultimate unity. And we're at that moment now because it in our own, I think, collective journey because it causes our collective perspective of separation and the buy-in to this illusion of separation. Our behaviors have become very polarized in that sense, and there is a lot of shadow and a lot of trauma within our collective psyche because of that journey of duality or the appearance of duality. And so it seems to me that we have an opportunity now – because our behaviors are dysfunctional, they're not sustainable. We either grow up and hopefully survive and thrive as a species and consciously evolve, or perhaps as Martin Luther King said, we drown separately and fall. So it is bringing an awareness to that shadow and not denying it or pushing it away because it's part of the whole. So for me as a healer, it's acknowledging and recognizing that and embracing it within the wholeness of life. And for me, this is a journey from the loneliness of perceived separation to the aloneness of individuation to the all oneness.” “[M]y sense is that as a collective consciousness, we are on the threshold of potential conscious evolution and what is coming up in the world, even though it is very, very turbulent, [can be helpful]. As a healer, I know that unless a disease is, is acknowledged, we can't begin the healing journey. So truth needs to come up to the surface, and dis-ease needs to come up to the surface, if we're to travel that healing journey. And it seems to me that we are potentially on that journey of healing and what we're seeing in this turbulence, in these extreme polarities, are the unhealed aspects of our collective psyche. And so, you know, it's the Trumps and the non-Trumps, it's the 99% or the 1%, but for me, it's ‘are we going to be able to extend our spiral of compassion to realize that we are all the 100%?’ – that if we scapegoat or deny or blame the other, then that play of separation and duality will continue and we will not survive that, let alone thrive with it. And it's a separation game. I same game, but of course it's serious. It's profoundly, tragically serious. But I also, when I go around the world, I see those vegetable seedlings in the spring, I also see an incredible sense of both opportunity and possibility and positivity. So can we do this? Can we, instead of saying, ‘I can't speak to you because you're a Republican, I'm a Democrat,’ can we actually find ways of bridging those divides and reaching out to people who are different? And maybe that's the act local that we're just speaking of. Act local. It's not just about being kind to the people that we love, but being kind to the people we do not love. Not just being kind to the people who are like us, but being kind to the people who are not like us and in the golden rule, not requiring that they have to be kind back for us to take that step.”​​​​​​​
  • Creation of global community as an invitation to adventure: Jude co-founded “to act as a, an invitation to join this party. And my dear friend and co-founder Gil Agnew, who is gay, called it the biggest coming out party the world's ever known. It was literally remembering who we really are.” “We’re bringing out a unifying framework that talks about acting local, feeling global, thinking cosmic. What we then do as global change makers, we're linking up and lifting up with wonderful folks such as yourself to share this message of unity in many, many different ways in many different words and voices. That's the feeling global. And then we're inviting and really drilling this down so that people can come bring this forward in their own lives and acting local. So it's acting from this understanding of unity and diversity. So what does that mean? It means kindness. It means that love is the answer to any question. It means how do you link up and lift up to help others, but it's in your everyday life. It's not just for Sundays and high days. Every moment. So we're doing that because it does need many, many, many different voices to tell this story.”​​​​​​​
  • On being both an individual healer and a planetary healer: “Part of my service is as a healer. And for many years I worked with individuals on their own, sort of psychospiritual emotional healing journeys, and then realized that, on individual levels, we hold, if you like, the same archetypical traumas that we do then as families, as nations and collectively. So I sort of moved from working with people on individual levels to working with families and then groups of folks, and then on a collective level, on a planetary level with these archetypal traumas, because that's the point of the hologram. It scales up. It scales down. In realizing that and realizing that our onward journey as human beings has been to ever greater levels of perceived individuation – we've extended that so far that we've bought into the myth of separation. So instead of remembering unity and diversity, we sort of become the method actors of this play of separation.​​​​​​​
  • To understand more about Jude’s work and join the invitation for adventure: Jude recommends 3 of her books to know more about the individual ramifications of her work: The 8th Chakra, The 13th Step, and HOPE – Healing Our People & Earth. To know more about the scientific evidence, one could read The Cosmic Hologram (2017) or else go to, “where we show the unified framework and where we summarize the science for this whole worldview.” She also invites people to join her via their Facebook page, YouTube channel (with lots of videos that intro this), and to sign up for newsletters and other communications. “So that's an open invitation to everybody to join the adventure,” Jude says.
Lots of gratitude to all the behind-the-scenes volunteers that made this call happen!

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