World Flag Spotted Outside Toilet In India

Posted by Kishan Laddha on Nov 22, 2019
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Cross pollination to Inner pollination: Jai Jagat Mitra Milan Pavnar:-

Reflection 1:

Celebrating 125th birthday anniversary of Vinobaji, connecting hearts 💕 more than 125 groups of friends from across the country came together to spend 3 days (15,16,17 Nov.) at Brahmvidya mandir pavnar.

To host 1500 people, teams of volunteers reached early to ensure stay, food and sanitation facilities etc.

Our team from ESI, Safai vidyalaya took charge of building and maintaining temporary toilets. 10 people reached few days early and constructed make shift toilets - with macro and micro scopic details. A flag of Jai Jagat was kept at the same time a rangoli of heart was made using stones, sand, sticks and ash. A toilet 🚽 with a quote of Vinobaji’s mantra “मल दर्शनम” was placed reminding of impermanence (अनिच्च्या), what we eat shapes in different forms and if used properly there is no waste. In fact “energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only manifestation changes”. A pit was dug to store all the waste that would be converted into humanure (manure from human waste). One of the volunteer painted beautiful rangolis on doors and walls of these temporary toilet, each named distinctly with dignity.

As the gathering begin, ESI team expressed gratitude on behalf of all for providing an opportunity to serve at this pilgrimage and appealed everyone to take care of cleanliness of the toilets. At the same time many volunteers (from our group) had committed to clean toilets. Few sisters put Toran (decorated with plant leaves) at the gate of toilets.

From day 1 of larger gathering, this committed team would visit these temporary toilets (8 in a row and 2 in another location) to clean but to have no opportunity. Thrice in a day- still to find every toilet is clean and no external person is needed for this work. All three days, these toilets must be used at least few hundred times each, but were found neat and clean. In fact, the news reached many- and at this pilgrimage of Pavnar, these toilets became pilgrimage for many.

Jayesh Bhai shared स्वच्छता (cleanliness) with सुंदरता (beauty) leads to पवित्रता (piously), and we all witnessed all three together at these toilets- a result of collective conscience harmonizing external and internal cleanliness.

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