Awakin Teens Family Weekend/Service Day - A Magical

Posted by Pragalbha Doshi on Nov 20, 2019
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Different ages of the younger generation spent the weekend sharing stories, playing music, learning and bonding with each other while doing some service tasks of landscaping at Banyan Grove. Much Gratitude to Audrey, Tim and Vishesh for giving our teens, their attentive presence and holding space for conversations and trust.

We had the joy, privilege and gratitude of coming together as one beautiful family - we are indeed One Universal Family - our hearts merged with the peace, effortlessness, simple flow of only Being into Doing of the cooking, cleaning, nourishing, caring for each other. The receiving and the giving remained preciously no different, so much of deep listening, smiles, laughter and inspiration.

This is the quality of time I dream of, that all our families are infused with. I have realized something in a renewed way - service is everything we do consciously. Daily living gets filled with happiness when the boundaries for whom we call family on this planet blurs. We simply become present - for our family and anyone around us. I am finding myself doing the household chores with much more reverence now, while they used to often seem tiring in the past. I am now finding the meditative consciousness in the repetitiveness of those activities, and also the deeper layer of compassion required (towards self and the other) while being in our primary relationships.

My friend Helen truly supported me in deepening this practice and the joy of living it. My friend Seema said something that will stay with me forever - She wondered that most people could get forgotten after a couple of generations, there will only be a handful of people who might remember anything about us at all. So it is just how we generate these enriching experiences for each other, is what can keep going as the essence of our being, down the line of generations.

My seemingly random conversations with Audrey, Kozo, Ari kept the direction of my intention and orientation steered in the right direction. Cooking the meal silently and efficiently with my husband Manish seemed to open us up in a newer space of being. Sandy's gourmet desserts translate into sheer happiness with how she pours her beautiful heart and smiles while making them. The joyful sweetness of it all is what we carried home with us and will forever be a part of us.

I am very grateful to have found this fertile ground for my inner cultivation, so I become purposeful in how I contribute to life itself and the people I am gifted to be with.

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  • Brinda wrote ...

    What a beautiful share---thank you so much for this reflection. :-)