Tilden Park Kindness Day In Berkeley

Posted by Elizabeth Pimentel-Gopal on Nov 10, 2019
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Today, Sunday, we began our day spreading kindness at a hike near Lake Anza in Tilden Park with Tim Huang, Tim’s mom visiting from Long Beach (California), my sweetie Anand, and new to Oakland and Awakin Circles “Sneha” (also Tim’s Stanford Univ friend). Tim’s happy ukulele and him singing “good morning, you are all loved” at the Ashby BART Station perk up our hearts with pure joy & laughter. Lake Anza's gleaming beauty and fall colors welcomed Tim, Tim’s mom and Sneha for the first time in their lives. It was a gorgeous Fall Day.

The fun-kindness signs made by Tim’s mom and Sneha, spread joy to over 40 humans ( including joggers, mountain bikers, and hikers of all ages) and 15 dogs.

Majestic redwood trees surrounded the path so WE had to hug one…it took 4 of us stretching our arms out to hug Mrs. Redwood.

Families' energies shifted to laughter and joy upon seeing us. We kept evolving our messages from "have a nice day" to “Have a nice life” to “Have nice Lives” to ... “Have Nice Lives Woof Woof Miau Miau” to be inclusive of our loving canine/feline loving beings.

And we couldn't stop laughing the whole time we were in the forest. People expressed their gratitude by thanking us, blowing kisses, and even sharing out loud "I have smile cards at home"..."so grateful for you being here".. We received so much more than what we gave. We must have gained a couple of years of life thanks to this 1.5 hr Joyful Fall hike at Tilden Park.

I am most grateful to Tim, Tim’s mom, Sneha and my sweetheart Anand for joining me on a small experiment of generosity in a fall Sunday morning. Lucky Me

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  • Jane Jackson wrote ...

    Thank you for sharing the joy Luz. I’m smiling in New Jersey picturing all of you bringing such love and joy.