Awakin Circle, Smiles After Tears

Posted by Shyam Gupta on Nov 8, 2019

Smiles after tear-filled Awakin Circle.

It began with an hour of silence., which we all cherished and enjoyed. (The lighting of the candle as suggested by Aditi, was a hit.)

The theme of Compassion as contained in the Awakin reading was very touching and moved us to the core.

The sharings somehow ( probably the theme was so powerful) became so intense, the sharings started pouring out from the heart and all the eyes were moist. It became so intense, breaks of a minute of silence were taken.

My Apologies, as I may have missed out on many sharings , as I was deeply moved emotionally and was in tears for a large part of the circle sharings myself.

Karan read out his own translated Hindi version of the reading and shared his views on compassion. Aditi shared how lately after undergoing different phases of her journey, she has developed compassion for her family and friends and how she lately feels more compassionate. Nidhi, a first timer in the Awakin, who initially wondered what she would be doing in the one hour sit in, was deeply moved after the sit, having thoroughly enjoyed it , and shared intimately about her views on compassion.

Tarun deeply shared about his views on comapssion and quoted Ramana Maharishi where he had said, "There is no other". If I feel compassion for myself even that is enough. Shyam shared how he is not scared about participating in shok sabha and how he can absorb the pain while participating in events where a death has taken place and how so many people, unexpectedly, had come for his dear wife's shok sabha. Darpan, visibly moved by the deep sharings, deeply and emotionally shared his views on compassion.

The meeting ended with a light Dinner and dramatic short appearance of our Gabbar and a warm group hug , and looking forward to meet in many more Awakins.

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