World Flags Spotted Across India

Posted by Kishan Laddha on Nov 5, 2019
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To celebrate Vinoba Bhave's 125th birth anniversary, 125 "One World Pilgrimages" (Jai Jagat Maitri Yatra) from across India are convening in Pavnar on November 13th. More than 1500 such pilgrims are taking part in these blessed journeys. Many are walking, many are cycling and many are traveling by road and train, all in the spirit of cultivating and deepening the spirit of goodwill (Maitri) rooted in "Jai Jagat" (One World).

Inspired by Pancho, and thanks to some anonymous donors, every pilgrimage is carrying a Jai Jagat flag with it!

While the flags shall be blessed by noble intentions across the country, the spirit of Jai Jagat shall spread to the entire universe through the winds, through our shared consciousness.

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  • Pancho Ramos Stierle wrote ...


  • Varsha Mathrani wrote ...

    One World, One Love/Heart.

  • Geeta subhash wrote ...

    i suggested that vinoba being the World-citizen, the message of 125th birth anniversary should reach to the whole world through email & other technology but it should have support from the Pavnar ashram or some such place.Anyhow,i presented Vinoba's views on Samyayoga at the ashram & now in Jan.I will be presenting a paper on 'the eternal thought process: Gandhi 150 ,Vinoba 125.