Nuggets From Krish Raval's Call

Posted by Birju Pandya on Oct 19, 2019
Last Saturday, we had the privilege of hosting and Awakin Call with Krish Raval.

Krish (Kumar) Raval is the director of Faith in Leadership, a U.K.-based organization creating an inclusive community of public and private leaders working together. Raval is also on the faculty of the University of Cambridge’s School of Divinity. In 2018, Krish was awarded an Order of The British Empire (OBE) by the Queen of England for his tireless dedication to building interfaith communities within the U.K. and for his work in leadership education of public, faith, business and youth leaders. “Faith leadership is the resource for humanizing and reconciling the world we live in,” Krish says. In 1996 Krish also founded Learn to Lead, a leadership program for young people. Through the Faith in Leadership and Learn to Lead programs, Krish has trained over 2,000 people across the UK about respecting differences and bridge-building through active practices in deep listening, inclusive learning, and relational trust building.

Below are some of the nuggets from the call that stood out for me ...
  • 'my only claim to goodness is being surrounded by amazing people'
  • '50% of my earnings go into young peoples programs'
  • 'kids struggle to connect with their goodness sometimes because they may not see it in themselves'
  • 'you've got a victory if people are sitting in a circle'
  • 'we're not the same, but lets love each other in full view of our differences'
  • "it must be possible to disagree well"
  • 'the best leaders are anchored in learning'
  • 'i seek to live my life with attitude of appreciation, not comparison - Rajmohan Gandhi'
  • "my goal is to create a caring, sharing world that works for everyone"
  • "I see a huge project of creating the commons of humanity"
  • "(having a daughter) has magnified existing create a more compassionate world, and that is selfish.... she is teaching me so much, from the meaning of love"
  • 'would welcome your feedback at'

Lots of gratitude to all the behind-the-scenes volunteers that made this call happen!

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