Narendra Kini: Heartfulness And The Quest For

Posted by Bela Shah on Oct 2, 2019
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This week's Awakin Call guest: 'Narendra Kini: Heartfulness And The Quest For Integration

Reflection questions: How do you bring mindfulness and heartfulness into your work, especially in areas like technology or entrepreneurship? Have you had experience with human-centered workplaces and human-centered technology? How can "heart" be infused in those contexts?

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  • Sunil Mor wrote ...

    It's a synergy of Head,Heart and Hands . Starting with the thoughts in the mind our wisdom,intellect makes us decide the Action-physical for the outer world and non physical for the Innernet. This choice/option is the key to spirituality connecting with the soul.And the soul is the science of love,kindness, compassion, gratitude and truth.............Exploring this inner space to awaken the treasure within may be the holistic approach to life and work whatsoever.