Faces In Our Laddership Circle! :)

Posted by Ashima Goyal on Sep 26, 2019
We are so looking forward to kicking off our circle this week and seeing you all on our Oct 2nd Orientation Call!

As a teaser to reading everyone's Laddership Canvas, here's a brief "Who's Who" of the faces around our circle!

Our luminous fellows include:

Shaylyn Romney Garrett is a social entrepreneur, researcher and author, who's creatively working to shift from "disconnection to relationship". Her work includes producing uniquely revealing portraits of religious communities, serving a movement dedicated to repairing social fabric in the US, consulting in holistic health, and permaculture. She's based in Utah in the US with her daughter, husband, and dog.

Ajay Dahiya is a former Hindu monk (during his teens and young adulthood!), who now directs a unique micro-philanthropy foundation. Ajay strives to realize a healthy, equal, and just society for all by bringing out the goodness and compassion in everyone he meets, and has led various nonprofits in that spirit. Based in the Bay Area, his life path has led him across the UK, New York, and Los Angeles.

Andi Nussbaumer in Austria is a successful sales trainer and author now dedicating his life to leading with love, and inspiring nature education via a farm he runs with his wife. He also writes children's books and is engaged in a community of "DreamAs" based in Austria, with ripples around the globe.

Andy Smallman, innovative educator in Seattle who, in 1994, founded a unique alternative school built on kindness and experiential, student-led learning. In their initial years, they met in a public spaces like parks and libraries! He currently focuses his energies on mentoring young adults and holding space to spark kindness in the world.

Arnd Wachter is a filmmaker in Scotland, who, prompted by 9/11, has been building bridges across difference with thousands of college students. His passion for intentional, cross-cultural interactions drives him to produce professional, feature documentary films. He's walked Scotland from coast to coast, as well as hiked the Himalayas, Andes and New Zealand Alps.

Pia Amarnani, is driven by a desire to help people grow, connect, and be kind. She first encountered this space through supporting a pay-it-forward restaurant experiment, Karma Kitchen in Dubai. Based in Nigeria with her husband and three young children, she's holding space for community experiments to sow seeds of compassion.

Sikander Siraj, currently in Texas (but recently from Romania and India) and exploring ways to be-the-change from the inside-out, both in business and in his daily life. By day, he designs sustainability programs within a large global energy services company. He and his wife, Ashima, host weekly Awakin Circles to sow seeds of stillness and community.

Pankaj Shah is a longtime Silicon Valley engineer (whose work has contributed to household appliances that we may own!), who in recent years has been exploring ways to channel his skills and intentions to deepen in service and stillness. He's based in Silicon Valley, California with his wife and children.

Karen Wong is a veterinarian based in Sydney, Australia, who treats animals in vet emergency rooms! With questions of community and transformation, she's currently exploring experiments around urban farming and food systems as well as holding circles for stillness and generosity in her community.

And a peek at our volunteers crew:

Sangeeta, steeped in global health for 15+ years in West Africa, NYC, and California, experiments with creating conditions for transformation in work and life (while also being a closet artist! :))

Julia, in Austria, who's nurturing seeds of kindness in business, with transformation-led journalism!

Joserra, in Spain, who's blooming a community "re-love-u-tion" with various experiments in generosity.

Jasky, in Paris, who's leads with love in all he does -- whether volunteering to construct a monastery, holding service-themed circles, organizing retreats, or serving at his day job.

Ashima, in Texas, who strives to bloom where planted -- like in a recent encounter with young kids!

Audrey, in California, who is consistently inspired by the emergence of these circles. :)

We look forward to seeing what our collective emergence holds in store!

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