Yet Another Person Feeling The “magic” ...

Posted by Michaele Premet-Rosen on Sep 10, 2019
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Yet another person feeling the “magic” of KindSpring ❤️😊 Seen on the Community Feed today: “thank you all for sharing: its been few days since i started regularly visiting(KS), I am noticing where I can be more kind - little by little in everyday life especially in tiny area that needs attention now (realizing one and working on it). Thankful for all the people here sharing their experiences - which ripples through me asking for a change - few deg. at a time.“

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  • Francesca Ryan wrote ...

    Thanks... that encourages me to make the change that I can where it is most needed in myself, but seems most difficult. Thinking of it as a little change at a time until all the change is complete makes it doable. And of course where it is important, a little goes a long way!