Grandma Chronicles Aka Elder Wisdom ~ John: ...

Posted by Mia Tagano on Aug 19, 2019
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Grandma Chronicles aka Elder Wisdom ~

John: How did you become such a happy person?
Obaachan: I am happy because I don't have much time before I die.

Me: You mean, so why be sad? (as in- no time for sadness) Obaachan: Yes. ... I don't hate no one. NO ONE. I have no hate. I have good friends. You are my good friends. I have good children too - Irene, Gracie, Joann, Larry and Bobby.

Me: Gracie is my mom :)

Obaachan: Really? Me: I'm your grand-daughter :)

Obaachan: You are?! Oh, how nice! Me: Would you like to call Gracie?

Obaachan: Okay!

Me: Hi Mom!
John: Hi Grace!
Obaachan: Gracie! Where are you? Come and visit!
Grace: I will soon :)
Obaachan: Be good okay? Be nice to people, forever okay?
Grace: Okay, I will. Forever :)

Mia: Okay, Mom, we love you!
John: Love you, Grace!
Obaachan: We looooove you! We won't forget you.
Grace: I love you all too :)

There was more but this was the heart of the conversation - "The heart of the matter" -#lovematters 💞

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Comments (2)

  • Bradley Stoll wrote ...

    What else needs to be said? Thank you for sharing this conversation<3.

  • Brinda Govindan wrote ...

    Beautiful!! HUGS to your grandma :-)