Pancho Answers: What Is Success?

Posted by Arnav Doshi on Aug 14, 2019
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Recently, I interviewed Pancho about his journey.

One of the questions I asked him was: "What is success for you?"

I was surprised with his response to this question. Usually, people have a broad view of what success meant in their lives, but Pancho said something completely different. On the phone, we could hear a lot of kids in the background of the call, and one of them was crying. Pancho said that success to him was going to that crying child and supporting him and making him feel better. This was a very powerful answer to me, because for me, the definition for success has been about a state I will be in the future, but to Pancho, it was just simply making an immediate impact on someone's life.

I also learned a lot about his mindset and his approach towards his journey walking to the border. It was really interesting to hear about his views towards technology and the earth. He told me about how his meditation and stillness practices helped take him all the way to the border in peace and allowed him to pursue his vision of a united earth, without any pointless borders.

When I asked him about technology, he had a very creative and interesting metaphor to tell me about how humans interact with technology, and that helped tie in ethics with technology for me. Now I am starting to understand what type of role technology can and should play in our lives, and how some uses of technology need to be stopped.

I think that the difference between knowledge and wisdom is that knowledge is based on the definite and wisdom is based on the indefinite. Knowledge is where everything is black and white; where everything is based on facts. Wisdom is where there are shades of gray; where there is no right or wrong but just different viewpoints. For example in technology, knowledge would be being able to make a drone that can fly around everywhere, but wisdom is how you would use that drone. Wisdom is more based on the human to human connection, which involves feelings and experiences rather than just facts which you can get from a book.

In the end, when I asked about pieces of advise, he told me two things: first, all the wisdom that every human needs is inside them, and second, to disobey with love. The first one tied in with my internship theme of wisdom and knowledge that week and taught me that even if I have all of the knowledge in the world, the wisdom that I have in my heart is what will make me human in the end. Disobeying with love is also a very interesting concept to me. I related it to my religion and with Gandhi because they are all based on nonviolence (ahimsa) and kindness to all beings. Disobeying with love showed me the perfect middle ground between making sure to be nonviolent and kind to still making an impact to create the right change in the society around me.

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Comments (5)

  • Shyam Gupta wrote ...

    Wow. Wonderful advice.
    Being true to the present moment and small acts of kindness. Just awesome.

  • Rajalakshmi Sriram wrote ...

    Very well written To janks for sharing

  • varsha wrote ...

    Reminds me Emerson's quote: [View Link] Thank you for sharing.

  • Jaimit Vaidya wrote ...

    Thank you for sharing! :) Jai jagat...

  • Trupti Pandya wrote ...

    Someone told me Pancho is a blessing machine. Just loved reading this. Thanks Arnav for sharing the gems you found. I am sitting in a cafe. After reading the first question & response I found myself waving at a child outside the cafe. I guess I am just feeling so joyful reading this. And just that what is possible. Just a little more love maybe.