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Posted by Michaele Premet-Rosen on Jul 30, 2019
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Really excited about a collective KindSpring create, entitled “Imagine”, “A Noble Book of Poetry for Peace”, “ A gift of love from the friends of”, which is “hot off the press”! 😊

Deep gratitudes to all the beautiful KindSpringers who shared their creates, and special thanks to KindSpring Mindy & Mister Mindy, whose heroic efforts manifested the finished product & to Geoff for his printing service.

Some “enticing” excerpts from the Intro.....
“We invite you to browse through this booklet, pausing when you feel, read a poem or two as your heart moves you. Feel the love and energy that each contributor sends to you.....”

“The works contained here are a small fraction of the offerings that we share with each other on - a globally diverse online community of gratitude, kindness and service focused members. We mentor each other to bloom, and in the process, many have found their creative flow through poetry, photographs and drawings. In the spirit of KindSpring, we share with you.”

“We are an inclusive community without borders and delight in the beauty of our diversity.”

You can message mindyjourney over at the KindSpring feed if you would like the PDF or ordering info. (Btw, “Mishinator’s Musings” can be found on pages 44 & 45) 😎

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  • Rajalakshmi Sriram wrote ...

    soo happy to see this