Scene From A Mentor's Life
--Bijan Khazai
1 minute read
Jul 23, 2019

In a recent Laddership Circle, I was reminded of a teacher and mentor of mine from the time I lived in New York. He was one of the best corporate lawyers in New York City, but he was also an incredible champion of all in hardship and a seer of truths! Below is a scene from his life I remember often:

Here he is at the law office. Uncharacteristically, he’s leaving at noon. It’s December 23rd, and an important deal closes the morning of the 24th. By late afternoon the heat is on; the client’s lawyers want to know where he is and the junior partners are making excuses since they don’t know. At 8 pm he returns, brushes past them and works through the night. The deal closes on time.

Years later it was discovered he had left to buy and deliver gifts to sick kids at St. Vincent’s Hospital.

Posted by Bijan Khazai on Jul 23, 2019

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