Nuggets From Wendy Palmer's Call

Posted by Kozo Hattori on Jul 20, 2019
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Last Saturday, we had the privilege of hosting Awakin Call with Wendy Palmer.

Wendy Palmer is a leadership coach who teaches how to become more connected with one’s strength, dignity, and warmth in order to be more “noble, awesome and shiny.” She uses the principles from Aikido and mindfulness to offer simple tools to increase leadership capacity. Wendy holds a sixth-degree black belt in Aikido and has practiced mindfulness for more than 45 years. Aikido is a non-violent Japanese martial art which incorporates the philosophy of "extending love and compassion especially to those who seek to harm others." When she first saw the movements of Aikido, Wendy “felt a sense of coming home – a returning – like waking up and remembering the part of myself that hungers for essential contact with the universe.” Wendy had grown up around horses and Aikido has a similar way of working with intensity and power, grace and beauty that she remembered from being around horses.

Below are some of the nuggets from the call that stood out for me ...
  • The body always wins. If we can train the body then we can have access to our compassionate, wise brain.
  • It is quicker to change our brain with our body than trying to change our brain with our brain.
  • The Universe wants to support us, but we say we want to do it ourselves. When we are fatigued and tired, we tap into that. Why don't we do this all the time? Why do we wait until we are fatigued or tired?
  • When someone centers, they are less reactive. When they are less reactive, they can see the bigger picture and often compassion seeps in.
  • Be in wonder. Be in invitation. Take a little time to see.

Lots of gratitude to all the behind-the-scenes volunteers that made this call happen!

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