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Posted by Kozo Hattori on Jul 14, 2019
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Last Saturday, we had the privilege of hosting Awakin Call with Kevin Adler.

Kevin F. Adler is a successful technology and social entrepreneur who is the Founder and CEO of Miracle Messages, a nonprofit working to end homelessness by rebuilding social support systems by reconnecting homeless people with their loved ones. Miracle Messages evolved when Adler heard from one homeless person: “I never realized I was homeless when I lost my housing, only when I lost my family and friends who supported me.” Adler says “relational brokenness is at the heart of homelessness: social disconnection is part of the experience. Along with this come feelings of shame, embarrassment, self-loathing, and uncertainty. A lack of reliable access to the internet and digital illiteracy combined with these emotional barriers keep many homeless individuals further isolated from their potential support systems.” Through tenacity and technology, compassion and community, Adler is showing us that everyone is someone’s somebody.

Below are some of the nuggets from the call that stood out for me ...
  • "Seeing them [people experiencing homelessness] not as a problem to be solved, but as a person to be loved."
  • "That mindset shifts things very quickly--seeing everyone as someone's brother and sister. Suddenly then you know how to interact with them on the street. You don't see them as defined by their lack of something; you see them as someone's brother or sister; now you can just be good neighbors and have a conversation."
  • "Relational poverty is a form of poverty."
  • "Ask a simple question and listen to what is said--listen to the voice of God in his creation."

Lots of gratitude to all the behind-the-scenes volunteers that made this call happen!

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