As Groovists We All ...

Posted by Ken Elkind on Jul 9, 2019 As Groovists we all believe, and have seen proven, the power of music! Technology has now made this power of The Groove, to go global! As it has for other species. globalizing instincts, truly proliferates them. "Be with The One", once a esoteric Zen statement, now an achievable evolutionary habit. Gifted with intelligence, we developed the method to instigate evolution!! The first step, is to remove the first layer of entropy. Without borders & cultural differences, we allow ourselves to love all people. With Groovists beliefs, insuring that all have access to the internet, as a necessary need. A Groovemeister available anywhere in the world will insure local entrainment circles & insure ongoing individual's are Grooving. As a non-profit, we allow deductible contributions, from a wide range of Groovists needs. Mostly we hope to have all contribute their Groove energy, which is what is immediately needed!!!

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