My Bodhi Trees: Jacaranda In Bloom

Posted by Jyoti on Jun 20, 2019
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At the Santa Clara Awakin Circle this week, a new-comer sat in front of me and in his share mentioned the awe he experienced at the purple blooms on trees around the Bay Area. It was as if he had read what was on my mind as all through the week, I too had been attracted to these Jacaranda trees.

Everywhere I went, amongst all the green trees, there would be a shock of purple bursting forth, showing off its majestic and unique, if short lived, beauty. I had actually stopped more than once simply to get a closer look and enjoy the exuberant displays.

In the presence of these magnificent trees, I could clearly hear my inner voice declaring, this was my Bodhi Tree. I could see myself happily sitting under it, endlessly, until I was enlightened to my Buddha nature. What would it take for me to offer up my gifts to the world with the same enthusiastic and uninhibited presence?

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  • Ashima Goyal wrote ...

    I spent most of yesterday gardening at a school garden and I was struck by not only how unconditional nature is in its gifts but also how forgiving it is. The land always gives even when we forget to care for it..