HeArt Circle: Looking Nature As A Mirror

Posted by Trupti Pandya on Jun 19, 2019
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This Sunday a bunch of us got together for our first HeArt circle after a break of five months at an open garden to experience some time with nature which was our this months theme. The silent hour was accompanied by a few peacock singing and some jogging footsteps passing by our side.

Siddharth shared, after silence when it was art time, the first thing he searched for was a quiet place to be by himself and picked up crayons just to get into a child-like mode. He later shared while thinking about nature, the very first thought that came to him was that it is always present. Immediately the all-seeing eye came to his mind which he made at the center. From his recent 10-day meditation retreat he remembered that nature is nothing but earth, water, air, fire and space and how universal and interconnected they are within and without. The fours skilful means towards liberation; equanimity, joy, kindness and compassion came to his mind as taught by the Buddha and he could relate to these values as the qualities shown to us by nature every day.

Shruti shared, " I see nature, God, Shiva and me as one." She described her painting which was inspired by an animation film called Moana. She shared, "It's in me that I see, that waves, forests, mountains and the sun. Sun being the heart of nature. Waves signify my fluctuating mind. Yet ever flowing and fresh. Forest is green, full of flowers, depicts my pleasant states. Mountains, my ups and downs of life. And finally, the black branches show the dark side of me. Yet connecting to the leaves the source of life.

It was my turn and I shared how happy I was just to be part of the circle sitting under the sky, feeling the wind, watching the trees while doing some art. What came to my mind after silence was, ‘Who am I’ and two very clear thoughts that came to me was, I am not the body and I am not the mind. Both Mind and body felt limited and I was beyond that. While listening to the peacock or looking at the roots of the trees I felt I was part of both. I felt something around my heart, which I feel was my core, which knows it all, which is beyond my mind-body which is I feel is natural and nature as well.

Bhumika di shared that when she thinks of nature the synonym for that was mothers. For her both are intertwined, both are equal. She added I can surrender to both. Nature/mother is always there no matter what and I can surrender to both. If I am doing something which is not okay, the mother will surely have her say. Nature functions in the same way. She mentioned many mothers around her who are currently dealing with mountain-sized hurdles and the way they do, they are to less then Gods. What I drew represents motherhood.

Mira aunty shared how she had a migraine while coming to the circle which got dissipated in the presence of the ‘sangha’ and it was indeed a beautiful start of her Sunday morning. While doodling she got a few glimpses of her father’s last moments. She was in her teens then. Aunty was equally grateful for her mother for taking care against all odds but somehow it was images of her father surfacing. Another elder shared how he drew mountains, rivers, sun and things that he sees in nature and he was doing this after many years and feels that he should be doing it often.

Jaimit shared how he feels conscious around ‘art’ but takes the invitation as an opportunity to overcome his awkwardness. He later shared, “When I started doing I did not know what am I really going to do but somehow it ended up with something meaningful. I just had to flow. Mostly I end up making mountains that I have learnt as a child but this time I tried to be more mindful and witness the emergence. I made three leaves, their size in ascending order and painted them with the usual green colour.” He could relate to each leaf as three values: Satya – Truth, Prem – Love, Karuna – Compassion. He quoted Morari bapu saying, “A person who knows how to live all these values at one time is on the right path :) He added what was amazing was to see the meaning that emerged from a simple form of art.

A dear friend says, "A" is for the EFFORT. Immensely grateful to each one for showing up on a Sunday morning and for sharing their wisdom with their presence, words and art.

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    So nicely narrated by you Ms Trupti. Thanks for sharing.


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    lovely... thank you.