Meghna Returns: Whirling, Twirling And Finding Home

Posted by Anuj Pandey on Jun 6, 2019
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[Yesterday, I was quite moved by Meghna's share. At the time, I was didn't realize that she was the host of the legendary Awakin Circles in Ahmedabad for the last decade! Post circle, I heard some remarkable stories of that circle, like how a young man would fast every Wednesday and silently leave behind a bag of grains. Asked why, he responded, "At one point, I had decided to end my life. What kept me alive is the love I felt in the circle. Today, I can't help but want to pay it forward." In gratitude for Meghna's heart of service, here is a transcription of her share at yesterday's circle.]

It's so wonderful to be here after many, many years.

Listening to this week's passage, I was thinking of a music teacher I had when I was a child. Every time I'd practice music, it would always be about finding my scale. On a harmonium, you have seven scales and my teacher would always say, "Find your SA". And every time I lose my rhythm, she would also tell me, "Come back to your SA." And in life, I think it's the same thing. When life throws you for a spin, we have to learn return to our skill, our internal anchor, our SA. And stillness can bring us to our natural scale.

That natural scale is going to be different for each person. As we heard in today's circle alone, for someone it's swaddling a baby. For someone else, it's running, or music, or writing a poem. But at the end of the day, it's always coming back to that scale. That brings us into the rhythm of our life's song.

A few years, a group of Sufis from Turkey were visiting our community at the Gandhi Ashram in India. One of their programs was where a rotating group of people do this sacred twirling for 72 continuous hours! I also participated, but after a few minutes, in fact, just a few seconds, I started to feel dizzy and I had to stop. So then I went and asked one of the elders in the group for some advice, and he said something simple and profound: "You're not focusing on your breath!" That's all it was.

And I remember I, I went up again, and when I started to focus on my breath while I was twirling, that dizziness went away.

That stillness, whether through twirling or drawing or these Awakin Circles, never fails to bring me back to my calling, to what is mine to serve in this world, to my natural rhythm in the moment.

Thank you for listening, and for being here. Even after all these years, it feels like I never left. :)

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