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Posted by Ragunath Padmanabhan on May 4, 2012
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Some thoughts while thinking about my son's home-schooling: Real knowledge is the knowledge of the self. Everything else is data and information that need to be deeply related to the self to become real knowledge. Until then, they remain unreal. Though unreal, all data and information have a flavor of; that are a shadow of; that resemble, that mimic, that resonate with different aspects of... the real knowledge. Seeing them in particular ways can help a person see reflections of different aspects of one's self (real knowledge) in them. These particular ways of seeing can be called the self-perspective. Hence, a self-perspective on data and information (the reflections) can lead one to real knowledge (the reflected self). More frequently the self-perspective is employed, more a student learns about oneself. More he or she knows about oneself, all of his or her learning faculties get activated making it easy to get to the essence of any concept, skill, situation etc. This shapes the student's fundamental attitude towards oneself and the world. This kind of a student is likely to consider oneself and the world sacred and behave accordingly. This behavior helps the student to cultivate healthy and intimate relationships in the world. Each such relationship becomes the door for all constructive work in the world. More importantly, each such relationship itself becomes a mirror that reflects one's self (true knowledge). So being in a great relationship (with oneself, a person, with work, with a place, object or idea) is a great learning experience.Technically speaking, any relationship is really a refelection-ship. The job of a teacher is to help a student see data and information in particular ways so that reflections of one's self can be seen in them. The job of a student is to have a great relationship with whoever or whatever he or she wants to consider as a teacher. Note: Real knowledge is not a possession in the form of external or internal memory. Real knowledge, that is, "knowledge of the self" is a state of being that helps live in harmony with the present moment using whatever data and information is relevant in that moment.

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  • Trishna Shah wrote ...

    Love this line: "Technically speaking, any relationship is really a refelection-ship." :). Thanks for sharing Raghu!