Nimo & The Kids
--Michaele Premet-Rosen
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Jun 4, 2019


❤️ What a gift the Jai Jagat show was Sunday. The love was palpable the moment you entered the lobby & were warmly greeted by all with smiles & offers of hugs 🤗.

I met a few ServiceSpace folks volunteering there who are familiar with KindSpring & when I introduced myself as Mish from KindSpring, told me they knew me from my posts. Made me smile to connect with new “cousins in kindness”. ❤️

Shared some peace doves, kindness cards & more than one hug there, and was gifted with time (& gifts) shared with KS sister LeoLady 🤗. Left a Kindness goody bag with one of the Volunteers who promised to give it to Nimo for me 👍

⭐️ The show is unique & totally inspiring and amazing. The kids are brilliant! As good as, or even better, than many of the Broadway shows I’ve been to. Vastly talented, full of spirit and holding some of the biggest smiles on their faces that warmed our hearts. There were multitudes of costume changes, often, on par with Broadway shows in the orchestrated precision!

The theme of the show is how each one of us is changing our world with every seed of love we plant and it gave us all hope for a better world where peace prevails for all. 🕊

We left with a huge heart the kids handed out, with the word PEACE drawn on it & we carried it around the city after the show & were met with nods & smiles .😍

We shall never forget this experience. It has left me more hopeful & encouraged about our world. 🙏

Deep gratitude to Nimo, the Kids & all the wonderful Staffers who put their time, effort & hearts into this Labor of Love. ❤️


Posted by Michaele Premet-Rosen on Jun 4, 2019

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