21 Day Kindness Challenge At Maher!

Posted by Christine Lendorfer on May 17, 2019
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Inspired by KindSpring, I introduced the 21 Day Kindness Challenge to the children of Maher, a home for neglected children, street-children and orphans in India. 150 children and their house mothers participated in this. The first week was dedicated to create a sense of awareness of acts of kindness we do anyway... kindness towards myself, kindness towards other people, our environment, kindness towards animals and nature in general.

Every house (20 children) got one book and was asked to write down acts of kindness they did themselves or they observed others to do. They could also comment on writings of their peers.
At the assembly of all houses at the end of the week they shared their writings and thoughts about this challenge. Also shy children were encouraged to speak in front of a big audience and their empowerment was almost touchable.
The second and third week the children were asked to do this one extra step of kindness... an act of kindness that would not naturally flow to them, but would be a little bit of an effort.
And again the sharing of their writing at the end of the week was so rewarding and satisfying for everybody.

At the end of the third week the different acts of kindness were shared again, and it was evident, that a sense of awareness had been created that our world will be a better place, when we start with changing ourselves to the better. The children also got appreciated for their efforts, to encourage them to keep it up.

Kindness is such a blessing!

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Comments (2)

  • Trishna Shah wrote ...

    Such beautiful laddering Christine, love that you brought this to the family at Maher and amazing to see the ripples of the seeds you planted. Thanks for sharing ❤️

  • Patricia Prada Jimenez wrote ...

    Brilliant, thank you for doing this for them