For Her Birthday ...
--Pankaj Shah
1 minute read
May 2, 2019


I gotta admit it — I am full of pride to see this on my daughter's Instagram. (Some of you might remember her as a ServiceSpace intern a couple of years ago!)

As many of you may know, I try to give back to my community in some way every birthday. This year, I decided to try to inspire more random acts of kindness within my school’s student body. I took 200 clothespins and wrote uplifting messages on each of them, with a little “pass it on!” on the back. The idea was that students could clip something positive onto each other’s backpacks, and if you found a clothespin on yours, you could pass it along to someone else; paying the kindness forward. Hopefully those at CHS enjoyed it and those who witnessed it on social media were inspired. :) I was super nervous about how it would go, but was overwhelmed by the support I received! Thank you to everyone who reached out, helped spread the word, and participated!


Posted by Pankaj Shah on May 2, 2019

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