Nipun's Sunday Talk On Flow

Posted by Naren Kini on Apr 17, 2019
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Excited to have Nipun visit our center for the first time this weekend, on his mom's birthday. :) All are welcome!

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Comments (6)

  • Santosh Sreenivasan wrote ...

    Lovely! Great way to celebrate the birthday of someone who has given the world such a gift! Nipun, we’re all with you in heart - have a wonderful day at the Heartfulness center!

  • Aditie wrote ...

    Wonderful! But out for spring break and will miss Nipun’s visit to our neighborhood (: Hope you have a wonderful satsang.

  • Vasco Gaspar wrote ...

    Fantastic! If we knew we would have booked our flights two days earlier! :)) WIshing you a great talk

  • Naren Kini wrote ...

    Vasco: I look forward to seeing you though. Would love to have you visit the center too. There is so much excitement about this talk in the youth group. It feels awesome! Please share the invite with your friends and family. There is no charge to this event and a session of Meditation will follow the talk - so double decker treat!!

  • Victor Kannan wrote ...

    I will be missing all the fun in person.... I feel very happy with the great hearts gathering! All the very best. May more hearts get inspired, simplified and energized!

  • Shridhar Thoda wrote ...

    Lovely! When I heard you personally at Kanha, I was most touched and wished that your message is carried further using other. Heartfulness Centers. Great to know about this. May the journey go beyond ....towards infinity