Uganda Magic Continues!

Posted by Melissa Stephens on Mar 21, 2019
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OK, OK, OK.....breathe, Melissa, breathe.

So, I am in charge of putting together all of our assemblies and fundraisers. In the spring, we have always held a fundraiser for Pennies for Patients which raises change for cancer patients. Of course, this is a noble cause. However, we started it years ago because our principal's son was diagnosed. Well, he retired, and we have a new principal. So, I was hoping to find a different charity.

Since I am so heartbroken over our immigrant situation, I knew I wanted to do something with that. Then, my amazing friend, who is our librarian, had us all read the book, "Refugee" as a school back in December. It's the story of three refugees (Cuba, Nazi Germany, and Syria) whose stories all end up intertwining. She told me about an organization in the East Bay who works with refugees and newcomers. I contacted them, told them we wanted to raise money for them, came up with a new slogan ("Change for Change") and that was that.


Today, they came to speak to our whole school for an assembly I set up. They brought a newcomer who had fled her country because she was a lesbian, and she would be killed. She had been forced to marry by her parents to "fix her," and her husband sexually assaulted her. The only positive of that story was that she was blessed with a baby girl.


If you said Kampala, are right!!!!


I cannot take the magic. I meant what have you people opened up in my world?! How do I repay you?! How do I not get to hug all of you every single day?!

I told her I was going to her home country this summer, gifted by an anonymous soul, and that I hurt for her reason for leaving. But, I assured her that the work that Grace is doing to help women like her who are raped and assaulted will hopefully help to change Uganda to a more beautiful, accepting society.

And then I got to hug her.

And somehow feel Grace already in her arms.

And to promise her that I would take from there all the beauty I saw in her eyes.



Saving a wretch like me...

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