Conversation With My Son After Awakin Teens :)
--Pragalbha Doshi
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Mar 11, 2019


During carpool conversations to the "New Story" Retreat in January, a few of us all realized we were the parents of teens. On the drive home, Seema, Helen and I wondered how we could pay-forward the space we'd experienced, and share these values with our teens in a meaningful way.

Yesterday, 30 of us gathered for our first Awakin Teens Circle. I feel so blessed and full in my heart!

We split up into two circles -- one for teens, and one for parents. Remarkable storyteller, Brian Conroy, led the teens in a bunch of group activities and conversations around the theme: "obstacles to happiness and values that contribute to happiness." All the parents circled up in a separate room, and had an Awakin Circle-style period of stillness, reading, and circle of sharing reflections.

At the end, we all convened for a 'handshake telephone' activity that Maya and Aum led, which showed us how our presence ripples out into the world, in ways we don't know or see. :) Then we all flowed into an abundant potluck dinner. The group energy and spirit was so alive!

Afterwards, one of the teens wanted to start a kindness club at her school, and a few of them are brainstorming ways to celebrate their birthday by spreading smiles -- like what Maya did last year! Another parent reported: "My teens actually really had a great circle... Heard them say - the people here were so not nice and kind."

It's amazing how much is 'caught,' not 'taught'. Here is a conversation between my 13 year old and I, about yesterday evening :)

Son: Mom I can learn from these people more in one day than what I learned in school for last 2 years. I have no clue why I go to school.

Me: What is so different about these people?

Son: They are just so positive ...and happy. Brian, Kozo, Audrey and others seem to like their life.

Me: You think that is different?

Son: Yes ...most people around ... even my teachers seem to be annoyed with their life and the work they have to do. But these people are happy.

I had and have the deepest smile on me :)))

Thank you all of you for all the magic you create. Thank you, Bradley, for the photo album! (And if anyone would like to stay connected to future circles, RSVP here.)

Posted by Pragalbha Doshi on Mar 11, 2019

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