"I Seem To Be Called Ted"

Posted by Anuj Pandey on Feb 7, 2019
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[At Awakin Santa Clara, you would see Ted do so many little things, from the dimming the lights to organizing Smile Cards stuffing. And in each circle, he starts with his trademark "I seem to be called Ted" opening. This week, he expanded on that. See below for the transcript from last night's share. ]

I seem to be called Ted and, and so the first thing that struck me is that, you know, Ted is a label. It's a role that I play. It's something that exists only in this lifetime. Ted didn't exist in any past lifetime. Ted's not going to exist in any future lifetime. And that brings up the, the realization that all of the things in our LinkedIn profile, the jobs, the roles that I've played, everything like that can be seen as just conditioning. Those causes and conditions happened, and now I have something to fill in on the profile or to fill in and the job application. And all of the other things that go beyond that -- the family situations, grief, opportunities, experiences of life from our childhood -- is also just our conditioning.

So maybe the obvious thing is -- okay, who is it that has those reactions? Who is it that these experiences apply to? What's actually the truth there that existed before those experiences? It's tempting just to go back to say, "Oh, okay, that was a previous lifetime that this came from," but that's just more conditioning. It's just a whole another pile and so it doesn't actually answer anything. It's just an invitation.

Then to look at what actually does exist, what is the one who has experiences, who undergoes these things that makes the choices that and then ultimately to recognize that deeper truth -- it's really hard to put a finger on, but that's something that exists in every person, in every individual, in every moment. That same fundamental capacity to have experiences, to fulfill roles, to make choices, to do things is different in every person, but it fundamentally points to the same substance all our conditioning is embedded in -- what strikes me as the expression of the divine.

Thank you, all.

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