At The Edges Of Our Generosity

Posted by Anuj Pandey on Jan 31, 2019
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[We had a very powerful share at last night's Awakin Circle around generosity, and it made us all feel into how, without any coercive effort, an organic safe space is created among us -- a space that is able to lovingly hold so many journeys. Thank you, all!]

I tend to freeze up and get a little scattered when I am talking to a lot of people, so I wrote down what I have to say, 'cause I did have something I wanted to say.

I'm suffering deeply and I'm unable to extend generosity to others at this moment. So much has been stolen from my body and soul a few months ago that I spend most of my day trying to regenerate my relationship with my limbs and organs.

I think in times of deep trauma, sometimes the most amount of generosity you can extend is just giving yourself enough room for you to regenerate your spirit.

I'm a birth and postpartum Doula and I'm very, very slowly moving towards offering my services on a volunteer basis to other survivors of rape and sexual abuse, who now need the support during the delivery of the offspring that were a result of this trauma, but I'm not yet entirely ready to give that much.

Sometimes we come across people who seem to only be able to take and not give. And while that can be frustrating, in that moment they didn't give because they simply couldn't. That invites those of us who *are* capable of generosity to extend our empathy and balance the scales. Thank you.

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  • Gayathri Ramachandran wrote ...

    Thank you for sharing this

  • Richard Whittaker wrote ...

    thank you for sharing this painful story...