Awakening RAK  - Dec 2018 - One Year Celebration

Posted by Pooja Zaveri on Jan 21, 2019
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A year back in Dec 2017, Mr Nipun had visited RAK at Manohar Uncle and Neelam Auntie 's house and with lots of gratitude we have now been having awakening circles every month since then at their beautiful space in RAK.

The session was on the last day of the year i.e. 31st of December 2018 and we began with one hour of silence. A lot of new faces also had joined in. The passage reading was from How Observation Changes Relationships by Vimala Thakar it was so nice to understand that we need not carry any residue over and just be free from it to enjoy the current moment and remaining awakened with thoughts that are full of positivity. Also as the author had rightly mentioned that we need to ask for forgiveness immediately to make our minds free.

We had lots of views , discussions and this was followed with a lovely home cooked dinner which all of us relished.
Happy New Year 2019!!

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