Two Shifts Inspired By The Ecosystem

Posted by Bonnie Rose on Jan 7, 2019
As 2019 begins, I have been reflecting on some of the things that have emerged for me over the year. Here a couple of the many of shifts that came to mind, inspired by this ecosystem...

Greater confidence in the small and ridiculous.

During our Laddeship Circle, Sehr asked me to send her son Danyal pictures of my animals. This evolved into a collection from friends across the ecosystem and beyond, as a book of animal pictures and spiritual poetry. It was ridiculous – small, yet time consuming, costly, a bit like herding cats to get everything lined up. But after sending 50 or so books all over the world, I gave one to my UPS helper, a Sikh gentleman from New Delhi. The look on his face, when he saw the cover, a Water Buffalo photographed by another circle participant, was priceless.

“I remember these from my childhood,” he said.

And then, Sehr – the inspiration for the idea, and the very last person to get her book, kindly sent me a video of her son Danyal opening it. Danyal hugged the book. The look on his face when he realized it was dedicated to him – also priceless. Animals and children, rippling opportunities to love into the world.

A change in Leadership style.

My church had become more focused on community service; and we also are learning to serve each other in ServiceSpace ways. The most recent way has been to focus on the specific gifts that people bring in terms of talents and abilities.

We are learning to “pay attention, be astonished, and tell about it."

There are so many more. I could go on and on with all of the gifts and ripples I have felt since last year. I truly do think of at least one of you every day; and every day when I think of you I smile.

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